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January, February, March

No new clothes for yours truly for the first three months of 2013.  The only exceptions will be underwear and workout pants – if necessary.  Oh, if the Obamas call and invite me to dinner, all bets are off.  What?  It could happen 🙂

Anybody else doing/considering a buying ban for any/all of next year?  If so, what are you giving up? Anybody do one this year?


8 thoughts on “January, February, March

  1. I’m not allowing myself any new clothes until after maternity leave/June. By then I should be at consistent weight and can purchase things that add that 30 year old “swag.”

  2. Quite the opposite, actually. I am tired of looking like Regan’s frumpy mother. I plan on adding to my wardrobe and keeping up the pretty as much as possible. I should start with owning more than one pair of jeans.

  3. i don’t have any plans to not buy anything but i will as things my be needed. I really don’t shop often to be honest as it is so this wouldnt be hard for me

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