Bundled up at the pumpkin patch


Overlooking St. Louis from inside the Gateway Arch


Peruvian Chicken soup – delish!


Sauteed mushrooms.  Man, these things were so tasty.  I’ve got to figure out how to replicate.


Strawberry-basil mojito.  Yum!  If you couldn’t tell, I heartily approve of all things Peruvian.  Though I’m pretty sure mojitos are not…


Stuffing a turkey with White Castle sliders?  No.


Who in the world is paying $650 for a used Christmas tree?!?!?  Or for a new one for that matter…


My nieces and my kid at Thanksgiving dinner.  My SIL is under there somewhere.


The contract LG wrote up.  And that I foolishly signed.


My blanket pajamas.  I have two pair.  And no shame about wearing them when I’m cold.  Which is often.  Smoochy has been trying to destroy both pairs for 13 years.  No dice 🙂


4 thoughts on “

  1. I had to Google that brand of Christmas tree. Some of them cost upwards of $1K. o_O I wish I would………

    LG and this contract. Does she watch RHOA ’cause that’s got Cynthia Bailey written all over it. LOL!!!

    I’d wear those blanket pj’s too but ummmm why is the hem so far away from the ground?

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