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Never Again!

So, this girl I go to church with and I went half on a child.

Last Wednesday after Bible Study she and I were chatting when the announcement was made that there were still a number of children on the Angel Tree and we were encouraged to adopt a child if we could.  Somehow the girl and I decided that we’d split a child.  Our plan was to meet at Target on Sunday after church and hook the kid up with an outfit.  We were given a 15 year old girl size 14/16 and shoe size 8.

So we get to Target yesterday…and she doesn’t like any of the clothes.  They’re too “wild.”  Neon colors?  No.  Skinny jeans?  No.  Leopard print flats?  No.  Grrrr.  Ma’am – we are buying for a 15 year old girl, not for you.  The reason they have these clothes in the juniors section is because…wait for it…this is what young ladies wear!!  This girl is probably a few years younger than I am so I was really kind of shocked at how very conservative she is.  She asked if I’d let LG wear some of the things I’d suggested.  Um, yeah, I sure would.  I don’t plan on doing a lot of arguing with LG over her attire.  As long as it’s what I deem decent she can wear it in any combination she chooses.  It’s not like we were scouring the racks at Fredericks of Hollywood.  Geesh.

Anyway, we finally decide on a pair of boot-cut jeans, a sweater and some teal flats.  Today after work I’m buying some earrings and a scarf to round things out.

And next year?  I’m budgeting for a Angel of my own.  No more halfsies!



12 thoughts on “Never Again!

  1. I miss Angel Tree. Our church decided it was too much hassle to get the gifts to the kids and stopped about a year ago. If neon and leopard are wild, I’d hate for her to look at my closet.

  2. Did she put up a fight over the teal flats? Seems like that would have been too much for her lil’ old soul to handle. Bless her heart.

    *whispers* Who has the merchandise? If it’s you, I’d take it back and exchange it. It’s not like you’ll be teaming up with her again next year. I’m just sayin………*evil grin*

  3. That is super nice that you sponsored a child this Christmas. 🙂 The Angel Tree sounds so saintly Lol! I learned long ago I can’t go in with people because tastes vary too much as you learned the weekend.

    If possible I would include a gift receipt so the young lady can exchange the clothes if necessary. Jeans are so iffy and at a size 14/16 she may need to and she might hate the bootcuts in a skinny jean world. 😀

  4. I adopt 2 angels from our Corporate Angel Tree each year. I hate that I don’t budget better for them so next year I intend to purchase all year so I can make it rain on the kids!

    The 15 year old will like whatever you get her…even if its conservative. I must say Teal flats are probably beautiful!

  5. Angel Tree is my most favorite thing about the holidays!!! It has a special place in my heart because my sisters and I were once recipients. We have been blessed to add additional trees over the years (I think we are up to 5 this year). B even gets to choose her own couple of trees.

    And yeah ole girl missed the entire reason of the Angel Tree #SoloDolo

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