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On My Mind

  • My heart is so very heavy for those family members and friends of the victims of the Sandy Hook tragedy.
  • I cannot imagine the horror of seeing child after child return to their parents and then realizing your child has not returned to you.
  • There is no reason for any human being who is not a member of the military or law enforcement – and I’m not real sure about them – to own a high powered assault weapon.  None.  You can’t hunt with the damn things and a revolver or shot gun will allow you protect your family.
  • I’m sick of people hollering about 2nd Amendment rights.  Those babies had a right to return home.  Those families had the right to hug their wives/mothers/sisters/daughters/aunts at the end of the day.  People act like the people who wrote our Constitution and the Amendments were God.  They’re not.  Everything in those documents aint wonderful.  Yes, I’m glad to be an American.  But as a collective nation, we’re wrong about a lot of stuff.  Often.  This is one of them.
  • Of course, I hugged LG a little tighter when I picked her up from school on Friday and I noticed that every parent around me did the same with their child(ren).
  • I tried to keep the news away from LG.  I’ve heard experts say we should discuss this type of thing with our children.  Well, I just don’t want to explain the in-school massacre of  6 and 7 year old children to my 8 year old daughter.  Because really?  There’s no explanation for it.
  • But she heard a bit of the news anyway and we talked about it.  And my baby cried and prayed for those families.  And that hurt my heart.  And made me happy that she has a soft heart and sympathy for others.
  • I didn’t even want to send my child to school today.  But I did.  Because life goes on.  Maybe not the same as it was before terrible loss, but it keeps moving forward and we are compelled to move forward with it.



8 thoughts on “On My Mind

  1. I feel you there. Buddha doesn’t know about the tragedy and I’m glad. How do you explain that to him? He’s the same age as those children and that just hits a little too close to home.

    Buddha’s school has the buzzed entry into the building. I’m curious how the shooter got into that school. The school district emailed a letter to all of us along with tips on talking to our children. I’m all for full disclosure with Buddha but this is one topic that I don’t plan on bringing up to him unless he asks about it.

    When I sent him off to school this morning, I was a bit apprehensive. He was oblivious and of course jumped out of the car like he does every morning without looking back. I watched him join his friends and run to the door with not a care in the world.

    And frankly, that’s how he should be. Let mama carry the worries.

  2. LG has such a sweet soul just like her mama. If I had kids, I wouldn’t say thing about it either unless they brought it up. There’s no sense in causing undue anguish\stress\fear.

  3. every single thing you said! The part about LG praying and crying made me cry. I am so glad Jas is too young to know whats going on in the world.

  4. O does not know. I don’t know how to explain it to him. If he brings it up then I will talk to him about it. This morning I had to check him in at school because we were running late. I saw a security guard and a policeman in the hallway. They are normally not there. He walked by them not knowing his school is beefing up security because of what happen Friday.

  5. Man. Just. No words.
    Going to my kids school today to check them out after they finished exams and the school was on lockdown. I went through such a huge range of emotions. Im just still praying for the families.

  6. I agree. The average citizen does not need to own a high-powered assault weapon. There is no justifiable reason to own one. I don’t have any children, but if I did, I wouldn’t say anything unless the ask me about it.

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