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It’s All Good

Christmas 2012 was one of the best ever! I didn’t get a lot of things, but I loved every thing that I got and will be returning nary a gift this year 🙂  I was so happy and content to just chill out with first Smoochy and LG and then my in-laws.  We had a marvelous day and the kids were excited with all their loot.

I woke up this morning and had a piece of pound cake for breakfast. ‘Twas tasty!

LG got a few gift cards – we are going to ONE store today so she can get wild and loose!  I refuse to venture into G.ame S.top – that one will have to wait.  She and Smoochy can tackle that without me!

I took today off because I thought there was no daycare today.  Turns out daycare is open.  When LG found this out last night, she asked me if she could go to daycare today to hang out with her friends.  I was ecstatic at the thought of a day to myself.  But, she didn’t wake up until late and I refuse to wake her up on days when we don’t have to be anywhere.  So, she’s stuck with me today, poor thing.

Smoochy was home most of Saturday, all day Sunday, all day Monday, and most of yesterday.  Lovely.  Just lovely.

Today’s the first day of Kwanzaa.  Umoja.  Unity.  We could all use a little more of it in our lives.

I took not one picture yesterday.  I need to get a new camera.  My phone is not cutting it the way I like to pretend that it is.  Speaking of – how do I get all these pics in my iPhone off my phone and printed?  Anyone?  Anyone?

Talked to everyone in my family yesterday with the exception of my youngest brother.  I have turned this situation over to God and refuse to allow myself to be upset by it any longer.  For real.

I’m doing a vision board for 2013.  Kinda excited about it.  Printing out some color pictures at work tomorrow and will work on it over the long holiday weekend.

Hope you all had a marvelous Christmas, a relaxing break, and if you’re back at work today I hope that most of your day consists of reading blogs, chilling on Twitter and making good use of your N.etflix account 🙂

God bless.


4 thoughts on “It’s All Good

  1. There’s a couple of apps you can use that will get your photos off your phone and printed. Walgreens and CVS both have photo apps that will allow for instant upload and printing. If you’re looking for a more comprehensive way to organize and print photos, shutterfly.com has a user-friendly app for photo storage and printing. Good luck!

  2. I’m doing a vision board as well!

    Glad your vision board came out great.

    Usually with my phone, I just copy them from my phone and paste them into a folder on my computer, edit them in Photoshop and upload to walmart to print. But, I have Android. I’m not sure how that works with iPhones using its syncing software.

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