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It’s a Wrap!

2012, like every year before it and every year that will follow, was a mixed bag.  Some things were marvelous, some were awful, but most – blessedly – were unremarkable.  I realize that unremarkable may not be the most exciting word in the world and that we should set our sights on things far beyond the ordinary.  But really?  I’m just thankful that 2012 was, for the most part, kind to us.  We are ending this year with our family intact, with our health,  and not having mourned the loss of anyone dear to our hearts.  My heart and prayers go out to those who are not able to say the same.

I pray God’s blessings and mercies on you all and your families as we head into 2013.  If 2012 was a good year for you, I hope 2013 is great.  If 2012 wasn’t as kind as you’d hoped, I hope that 2013 is a year of restoration, peace and abundance.

Happy New Year!!!




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