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Three Things

1.  Is anybody interested in continuing book club this year?

2.  I decided not to do a physical Vision Board and did one on Pinterest instead. Pretty excited about it! I kept it simple and do-able ~  here it is if you want to take a peek.

3.  …and I totally forgot what number 3 was. #shame


19 thoughts on “Three Things

  1. I’m #shame because I was super gung ho about the book club and then proceeded to read all of about 5 books last year. Can a playa be honest with you though?? I didn’t like many of the books that the group voted on. I like mysteries and thrillers mostly, but I’m no hater so I just didn’t participate. I’m still down though.

    • Honesty is most definitely appreciated! Why don’t you pick our first book of 2013 then? They won’t all be your preferred genre, but we can definitely read a couple!

  2. I am down with OPP! Wait…my bad. I meant bookclub.

    Love your pinterest vision board! I am probably going to use Oprah’s tool. Are you printing it out and posting it?

  3. Sidenote: this is mrsinspiredmind *blows cobwebs off my commenting*. LOL. I didn’t participate in the book club but would love to. I love reading and definitely need the break from the daily grind of life. I LOVE your vision board. I did a virtual one that I made my wallpaper on my computer. I may do one on Pinterest too since I’m addict….always on there. :0

  4. happy new year.
    do the book club – if i have the book or it sounds interesting i read and participate in comments if not i just look at the comments to get a synopsis of the book. its a nice diversion.

    • Happy New Year! I’m toying with the idea of printing my vision board out – I’ll keep y’all posted. Right now, I’m leaning toward leaving it electronic.

  5. I’m going to a Vision Board Party on Saturday. But i like that you did one on Pinterest, I might do one too!
    I like book club. I’ll continue to join in.

  6. Love the vision board! I’d like to participate in the book club. I’ll definitely make more of an effort since I’ve paid my fees and renewed my library card. 😀

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