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Should I Stay or Should I Go?

So, I signed up for A.mazon Prime during the free month promo in order to have my Christmas presents shipped for the low low price of free.  My free trial is over in a couple of days and I don’t see any reason to keep it.  Any of y’all have it?  You like, don’t like? Worth it, not worth it?


12 thoughts on “Should I Stay or Should I Go?

  1. Truth to be known I just had to google it to see what it is. I like Amazon but I think you have to be a regular shopper for it to be worth it so, for me personally, it would be a no go.

  2. I see no reason for you to keep what you MAY use. Dump it. If you need, perhaps you can sign up for it again.

    BTW I’m liking the new scenic view of … somewhere. I want to be wherever it is.

  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Amazon Prime. My mom talked me into getting it a couple of months ago and I don’t regret it. I love having everything shipped for FREE. I love the freebie movies and tv shows too.

    This week on two separate days I ordered two things under $20 each and both are coming for FREE. That time I ordered the grapeseed oil? Shipped for FREE.

    I find that having Prime and knowing I can have it in 2 days stops me from going to the store to get things, which helps me out because I feel like I am always running errands.

  4. I love Amazon Prime. I’ve had it for about year now. I am a student so I get it at a discount it and its well worth it. The free 2day shipping, no taxes, etc. I purchase hair stuff, books, toys for kiddies, you name it. You may even save more $ and time by making more purchases online. I have the Amazon Scan app on my phone, so I scan an item that I want to buy in store and check to see if I can get it cheaper on Amazon. Sometimes I can and sometimes I can’t but I love the convenience of having it.

  5. I have it and love it. With a new baby, I am constantly ordering stuff on Amazon. Not having to group things into orders >$25 just makes life simpler. Once the baby is older and I’m not in constant need of diapers, wipes, bibs, etc, I’ll probably cancel it. As for the free movies/books – I don’t really use them so they aren’t a selling point for me.

  6. I love Amazon. SO easy to order gifts and other random things for free. In addition, you get the kindle lending library and can stream movies and tv shows. I have had it for about 3 years and don’t regret a dime of it.

  7. I love Amazon Prime! The free shipping does it for me. Since subscribing, I find that I order a lot of things off Amazon that I would have gone into the store to get before (laundry detergent, paper towels). It allows me to send gifts to my nieces and nephews who live in other states easily and without paying shipping costs. I did lots of Christmas shopping through Amazon. And I don’t have to wait and group items together. I was talking to my mother a couple months ago and she mentioned that her vacuum cleaner broke. I went to Amazon and she had a new one by the end of the week. I LOVE it.

    All that excitement but I’m meh about their television and movie offerings. I’ve watched it some but I find there’s a lot of overlap between their offerings and Netflix.

  8. I just signed up a couple of weeks ago and I think we’re gonna keep it. Love how fast the shipping is and I’ll more than likely order enough so that the membership will pay for itself.

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