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Ayudame, por favor! (Help me, please!)

I have a tablet and an iPhone.  I have installed the K.indle app on both of them.  How do I get rid of books I no longer want?  I’ve gone to the A.mazon website and “managed my K.indle” by deleting the books.  But they’re still showing up on both my phone and tablet.

While it’s inconvenient to have all these books I’m finished with on my devices, I’m willing to overlook this.  But A.pple is now sending me nice/nasty emails letting me know I’m almost out of space on the cloud and to either delete some stuff or buy more space.  I don’t want to buy space for stuff I don’t want.  Duh!

Anybody know how I can get these books that I’m finished with off my cloud space????

Thank you in advance!  Happy Tuesday 🙂


5 thoughts on “Ayudame, por favor! (Help me, please!)

  1. If you hold your finger on the book it should pop up a window that says “remove from device”. It’ll still show there but it’s really in your archive. You’d have to hit the little down arrow to download it again.

    I’ll have to play around with it when I get home, but I think if you send to archive, then go online and delete from your archive library, and then refresh your kindle app it “should” be gone.

    Gotta love technology. LOL

    • It’s really weird – sometimes it’ll let me completely remove books, sometimes not. I’ve just uninstalled the app to see if that helps. Then I’m going to try your suggesting of archiving, managing on line, and refreshing my app.

      Thanks for your help!

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