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OTS and other goings on

  • LG came to me on Monday and told me that she thinks she has OTS.  “LG, what are you talking about? What is OTS?”  “Obsessive Toy Syndrome.”  Sigh.
  • I guess that blasted mouse is gone. I hope he is. I noticed none of y’all called to make sure I hadn’t passed out from bleach fumes. That’s cool.
  • This past weekend I watched three movies!  Three y’all.  That’s a lot for me.  Went to the theater and saw S.ilver L.inings Pl.aybook.  Weird little movie but I rather enjoyed it.  Went to my SIL’s to pick up LG and ended up watching the uh, barbershop variety DVDs of F.light and D.jango.
  • F.light was okay and I found D.jango hilarious.  I probably wasn’t supposed to enjoy S.amuel Jackson’s role as much as I did, but I did! There were some gory parts, but I managed to make it through those as well.
  • J.ackson State U.niversity is opening a satellite campus in the predominantly white area of Madison, MS to comply with their goal of attracting a more diverse student body. Should be interesting.
  • Bought some skirt hangers like these for my boots – awesomeness! I was so sick of my boots falling off my shoe shelves and all over the closet. Problem solved.
  • Did I tell y’all I started a boot camp class at the Y?  I believe it’s an on-going class and not just a 6 week deal like other boot camps I’ve done. Lookie here – I’m sore.  Real sore.  But I need it – my hips have gotten out of control – hopefully this will get ’em back right!
  • How do I know my hips are out of control?  My 13 year old niece was talking to me and said “I see you Tee Nerd Girl, with those big ol’ hips.”  Stand down child!  Stand down.
  • Oh, I deleted the Kindle app on my phone and re-installed.  The books I was trying to get off are gone 🙂
  • My three “free” Zoya nail polishes finally arrived yesterday and I love all three colors!!  Natty, Katy, and Pasha – welcome to my life ladies 🙂
  • I love smothered potatoes.
  • That is all.

5 thoughts on “OTS and other goings on

  1. *dead* at OTS. LG is something else, lol.

    I LOVED Django. Samuel’s character was Uncle Ruckus from The Boondocks. I loved him too. When he was in the kitchen w/Kerry Washington? And then at the end?? And when he first saw Django??? OMG!!!

    Oh the irony of JSU trying to diversify by finding white people. Do you think it’s gonna be successful?

  2. I normally leave my boots in the box because of the falling over! Thanks for the idea.

    Silver Linings was a interesting movie. I liked seeing Katniss in such a different role. Although I question if they should be involved. They have issues!

    Glad to see you fixed the book issue.

  3. LMAOOOOO at “OTS”. I know several children that suffer from that. O_0 . I too watched the “barbershop variety” Django and I thought that movie was HILARIOUS! I loved it. I absolutely love the teens and older folk for their “tell it like it is” wisdom. *le sigh* FREE Zoya polishes? How did I miss that! Ugh..cries! I love smothered everything! YUM

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