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No Diggety, No Doubt

For years I have been talking about enrolling in a doctoral program.  At first I didn’t/couldn’t because LG was too young.  Then it was because Smoochy drives for a living and school on top of my other responsibilities would be too much.  Then I wasn’t sure that I’d get in.

A few weeks ago (after I put up my inspiration board) I started filling out the application for the program I’m interested in.  And just as quickly I abandoned the application process because doubt began rearing its ugly little head once again.  “How will I do this?”  “What if I don’t get in?”  “Is this degree going to do me the good that I hope it will?”  “Will the sacrifice be worth it – especially with regards to LG?”  On and on the excuses and doubts went until I’d once again resigned  myself to not applying.

I was reading my Bible the other day and it hit me like a ton of bricks – all of this doubt?  Sin.  God knows the desires of my heart and He knows I want in this program.  Now, trust me – I know that my desiring something is not an automatic guarantee that it’ll happen, but I realized that allowing all of this negative talk to dictate my actions instead of stepping out on faith and working toward my goals is just wrong.  And by not applying I’d pretty much guaranteed that I wouldn’t be accepted.

So, here I am this morning – logging into my undergrad and graduate alma maters, requesting transcripts.  This afternoon will be spent finishing the online application and I’ll have my statement of purpose written and submitted by COB Monday.

Now excuse me while I continue to speak (and work) into existence those things that are not as though they are.

Happy Thursday!





11 thoughts on “No Diggety, No Doubt

  1. I vaguely remember you writing once that if you had money to do it, you’d be a perpetual student (paraphrasing, of course). No way that can happen unless you enroll. Sometimes we get in our own way. I’m glad you decided to get out of the way. All the best to you!

  2. YES!!!!

    I went to Grad school at 38, with a 2nd grader and husband living 150 mile away from us. The best feeling??? Having my son there when i defended my Thesis. And when he asked me a few (very intelligent) questions in front of my Professors, i thought my heart would burst with pride for him and for me. Look forward to LG sitting there watching you at your Dissertation.

    Walk by Faith. Faith never fails.

  3. This post encouraged my heart. I’ll start applying to PhD programs in the Fall. I’m excited but doubt concerning taking the GMAT creeps in whenever I think about it.

    I’m so excited about your future.

  4. Good luck! What is for you is for you. And it may be difficult for you and it may not, but as long as you have faith in God, he’ll see you through!

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