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MANICure Monday

So…apparently I’ve decided to join the fun and post pictures of my manicure every Monday. I did this a while ago and thanks to Mimi I’m giving this another shot.

Today I’m rocking my Valentine Week look. Hot pink on eight nails (Zoya’s ‘Katy’) and my accent nails are a pink glitter (Pure Ice’s ‘Spitfire’). Love this combo though when I bought the hot pink I envisioned as a pedicure only polish.

Next week I’ll be sure to take pics of my polish bottles as well.



7 thoughts on “MANICure Monday

  1. That color is gorgeous! I am a pedicure only person. I will occasionally do a mani but clear polish only…if that. People say I have nice hands…but who has time to keep their polish looking good on their fingers?

  2. Thank you ladies! I usually wear dark/vampy colors on my hands, the pink is a departure, but one I’m glad I took. I’ll definitely be rocking bright colors on my hands from here out…at least sometimes 😉

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