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Who’s Raising Who?

LG has always been an honest kid.  Honest to a fault – she is always confessing sins I know nothing about, telling on herself, etc.  When I pull up to aftercare, before I can get inside good, she’ll tell me how many sticks she pulled in class that day, if she got in trouble in aftercare, whether she had bad thoughts about anyone…the child is an open book.  Which I rather appreciate and hope she keeps up well into adolescence 🙂

Yesterday on the way home from the gym I was telling her something when she interrupted me to tell me that she was sorry, but she’d just rolled her eyes at what I was telling her.  I told her that was disrespectful and to cut it out.  She agreed and we went on to the house.

Right before she got in the tub, she handed me this note:







(pardon her horrid spelling…)

Basically this chick is telling me she rolled her eyes – again – but that if I wanted to “wope” her I could.  Um, thanks?

Am I raising her or is she raising me?!?!?





14 thoughts on “Who’s Raising Who?

  1. Ha! Love it. My 6 yo is the same way. When she has done something wrong the guilt absolutely KILLS her. But she knows its always my deseshoin to wope her or not. I usually dont bc she is already so torn up about it. #FreeLG

  2. Y’all in it together, lol! My youngest daughter is 18 and pretty honest, she usually doesn’t lie and if she tries she’ll stop because she is so horrible at it. Her friends parents come to her because they know she will tell the truth. I have never got notes from her tho! I think your sweet girl will continue to be honest!

  3. Jas does the same and i always say i hope she stays this was. She has a habit of telling on herself about things past and present lol

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