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Book Club and Randoms

A mish-mash of randoms that I never published…happy Monday!

  • Our next book will be The View From Here by Brian Keith Jackson.  This book is only available in the print version (boo!)  I think I ordered this book eons ago but didn’t read it.  If I can’t find it I’m going to order a used copy from Amazon.  Let’s set a discussion date of April 22.  If the books aren’t back in time or whatever, we can always change the date.  After The View…we’ll read The Perfect Marriage by Kimberla Lawson Roby.  Cool?  Cool.
  • LG was in her first karate tournament last Saturday and now my kid realizes that she’s got to put in some practice and be a bit more focused.  All she was to do in the tournament was one kata (routine).  Well, my little chickadee forgot her kata so she lost her first match up.  She remembered it and beat the next girl…and then forgot it again.  So she didn’t win or place.  I think the competition was a great opportunity for her to see where she needs work.  I was a little disappointed that she got a participation trophy AND medal.  Come on now – one of the two would’ve been sufficient (and overkill.  participation awards?!?!)  And now I know that I’ve got to be prepared – to sit and wait.  We were there for 3.5 hours all for her to do one 60-second kata.  I’ll definitely take my tablet and get in some quality reading time next go ’round.
  • We had a dance party – for three – Saturday afternoon.  I guess we were all feeling silly, but we each picked a song – Play That Funky Music (LG), Let The Music Play (moi), and Walking in the Rain (Smoochy) and got our grooves on.  Talk about a good time.  Smoochy and I spent the rest of the weekend calling each other alley cat coat wearing, hush puppy shoe wearing crumbcakes.  If you do not get the Oran “Juice” Jones reference, I just feel sorry for you.  With your young self!  🙂
  • Went to dinner with two friends Saturday night.  One of them spent a good portion of the time complaining about her dating life.  Well, here in blogland I’ve sworn off commenting about dating.  In my real life?  Not so much.  Ma’am – you are highly unlikely to meet anyone if you don’t broaden your horizons and get out there some.  I get not wanting to be in the clubs, but you can’t go to a museum,  a dance class, or a concert that doesn’t include S.ilk & J.agged E.dge?  Good luck with that.
  • My church is hosting a conference for young ladies and I signed up to volunteer.  They assigned me to the cooking demonstration booth.  Umm…no.  Cooking is not where my spiritual gifts lie.  I took a look at the available opportunities and am now signed up for the manicure booth.  Now you’re talking!  Think I’m going to buy 5 bottles of P.ure Ice and/or S.inful Colors to use that day.  Pretty sure the parents won’t be thrilled with me using my preferred dark, vampy shades.
  • Did I tell y’all my new eating plan?  Basically it’s me eating clean M-F and getting buck wild with my choices over the weekend.  Apparently moderation and I are not friends.
  • I buy our towels at Target. I recently bought myself a new set and just realized I grabbed the wrong ones – those cheap fluffy towels absorb not a thing. What a waste of money.  They’re pretty though…
  • Apparently the battery in my new car is not here for foolishness.  I didn’t close my door all the way Sunday.  Smoochy closed it behind me about an hour later.  When I hopped in that bad boy Sunday night to make a pharmacy run for LG – the car refused to start.  Thank God for neighbors with portable battery chargers 🙂
  • Speaking of my car – I love this thing!  I finally understand why people pay good money for leather seats and hands-free technology.  Word up!
  • I just learned that instead of selling my Durango for parts, Smoochy now wants to pay a couple of grand to have the transmission replaced and use it as our “spare” car.  I am so not a fan of this plan.
  • Chamomile is the most dull tea ever.  I really wish they’d stop including it in tea multi-packs.
  • I’ve started using this stuff on my face again and am already seeing results.  Makes me wonder why I ever stopped using it.  About to try the body version and see if I can get rid of these eczema scars.  My skin does not get along with the pollen in MS at all 😦
  • Just finished reading “Water for Elephants” and really enjoyed it.  Pondering whether I should try and watch the movie or just enjoy the memories of the book.  Anyone seen the movie?  Any good?

I guess that’s it for now.  Have a great day – be blessed!



5 thoughts on “Book Club and Randoms

  1. – I will have to pass on bookclub in April unless I can get it from the library. I have sworn off purchasing actual books. Ebook city is where I live! I also hated The Perfect Marriage. I just finished that one. Can I object to it being the next book? Where can I file a complaint?

    – Single men don’t go to Museums or dance classes. It’s hard out here in the Single Streets! Especially as you get older

    – I loved the book and was very lukewarm on the Movie

    • I’m not supposed to be buying real live books either. Blame my mama for this one! Only she could find the one book that isn’t available electronically!

      I swear to you – I went by the dance class/party we were supposed to go to and there were no fewer than 4 black dudes sitting in chairs waiting on partners. Now, they could’ve been waiting for each other, but still…

      I’m just suggesting she shake up her routine a little – and maybe expand her age group. She’s 33, but doesn’t want anyone older than 36. But, like in blogland, I’m leaving it be.

      I shan’t watch the movie!

  2. Lol at you! Why cant she go see Silk and Jagged Edge huh? Its probably lots of guys looking for women at those spots. She aint gotta go see Frankie Beverly to get a man!

    I tried to read Water for Elephants years ago and couldnt get into in. Maybe I didnt give it enought time but it didnt get me. For that reason I skipped the movie too.

  3. She can totally go see Silk, Jagged Edge, KCi, JoJo, and Dru Hill – I’m just not convinced there will be a good number of single/straight men at that show. Don’t be talking ’bout Frankie n’em!!!

    I wasn’t sure for the first 10-15 pages, but after that I was in!

    Thanks for that twitter loc link – I’m now considering a bob 🙂

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