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It’s been a long time. I shouldn’t have left you without a dope post to respond to.

What up party people?  It’s been slow motion and busy around these here parts all at the same time.

  • We had a helluva hail storm yesterday. I drove home in it. I’m almost ashamed to admit that I called my mother in the midst of my commute screaming that it sounded like I was being shot.  Her reply? “Oh really? And when was the last time you were shot?” Thank you for your “support” mother. Geesh.
  • Thankfully we had no damage to vehicles or our home. Other people, not so fortunate. Guess I should get up on the roof to make sure there’s no damage. Okay, so that’s totally not going to happen, but it sounded good…
  • I stay ready to leave work. The first thing I do when I arrive is unpack/repack my tote bag so I can grab and go. Crazy coworker, bad weather, early dismissal, 4:00 – the reason matters not, when it’s time to go, I’m out! I also keep an extra pair of tennis shoes, food, and a flashlight in case of some emergency which would dictate my needing to feed myself while walking home in the dark. Or something like that. Do you keep emergency stuff at work too? Just me?
  • My current project at work entails my transferring my CDs to my computer so I can store music on an SD card and use it in my tablet. I’m pretty sure this is not what my boss thinks I’m doing in here.
  • I’ve temporarily suspended my FB account. Everybody was getting on my nerves. My timeline devolved into pictures of sexy shoes, quotes about being a bad chick, and cartoons about God – usually all from the same person. Ugh, really?!?
  • I haven’t heard from the doctoral program I applied to. Please trust I’ve got plans B and C in the wings waiting. Hopefully I won’t need a plan D 🙂
  • I have to have 2 wisdom teeth pulled. I cannot begin to explain to you how much I am not looking forward to this. I’d rather give birth. Oh well, it’s got to be done. This time I’m getting the IV. Told my doc not to try any funny stuff while I was high. He laughed. I’m not playing sir.
  • I got mad with Smoochy this weekend.  Why you ask?  Well, he went out and got LG dinner. Said dinner consisted of chicken nuggets, fries, a soda…and two tacos. While I am not a food purist, that’s just too damn much. I was .38 hot! The upside to my anger? I took my frustrations out on the front yard – the leaves have been raked, the walk swept, and I potted two plants. Quite lovely 🙂
  • My nail polish buying the first three months of this year has been ridiculous. So ridiculous in fact, that I believe I’m declaring another ban. Not for an entire year, but no new polish until at least July, if then.

That’s it.  What’s up in your neck of the woods?

Oh, one more thing. Yesterday on the evening news they had to tell people to stop calling the police to report the hail. Come on people…


6 thoughts on “Howdy

  1. We didn’t get any of the hail but I’m pretty certain there were some HUGE rain drops falling from the sky yesterday. It was especially noticeable when hitting the trunk of my car.

    Once I finish working on this project today, the rest of my week will (hopefully) entail planning our summer vacation. That’s if these worrisome people leave me alone.

    You had wisdom teeth pulled before without being drugged? You’re a brave one. When mine were taken out, they kept telling me that I would probably say some crazy stuff once the drugs entered my system. The joke was on them cause I had a game plan which entailed me keeping my mouth shut until I fell asleep. I told them they weren’t going to be in there laughing and cracking jokes about what I said while they operated. LOL!!

    Chicken nuggets, fries and tacos are such a random combo of food. Where did he come up with that idea? LOL!!

    “Yesterday on the evening news they had to tell people to stop calling the police to report the hail.”


  2. Lol…funny randoms.

    I’ve got nothing. I’m exhausted and only just finishing day 2 1/2 of a 5 1/2 day work travel schedule with no personal fun planned. Can’t even fit it in. 😦

  3. Speaking of nail polish…I bought a set for someone for Xmas, but it arrived too late and has been sitting in random places around my home. I’ll send it to you if you want more. I don’t use nail polish, so it’s always minutes from being tossed in the trash. Email me.

  4. We got hail. Thankfully(?) I was working late so my car was in the parking garage during the entire storm.

    My dentist recommended that I get a wisdom tooth pulled. No problems with the tooth other than a cavity but she says that since I don’t need the tooth, I should get it pulled. I’m still on the fence.

  5. I cannot believe your mother was so insensitive about your being apprehensive about the hail storm. 0_O What was she thinking? If I had been there I would have comforted you and made you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. BTW You did not answer the question. When was the last time you were shot?

    I’m glad most of the other people were safe andthe damage was a light as it was.

    I keep an emergency kit at work AND I have relinquished my assigned duties of being an Emergency Building Coordinator. I’ll be waving to the others while they decide who to contact for further instriuctions.

    I’ll be waiting for news about the doctoral program. Praying for and with you on that one. Amen.

    My polish collection is growing again as well. I’m into painting twice a week sometimes.

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