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Hip Hop Hooray ~ Easter Randoms

  • Sitting here at work trying to figure out what all I need to buy to finish (okay, start) LG’s Easter basket.  Less than a week ago she asked me to buy a book while we were out and about.  I turned her down with the intention of going back and buying it for her basket.  Y’all already know – I’ve forgotten not only what the book was, but where we were when she asked for it. Sigh.
  • I guess I’ll head to Target, get her a couple of pairs of wacky socks, a cute little t shirt and maybe a puzzle or two and hope that the book will miraculously spring to mind.  Smoochy’s supposed to get her a pair of Converse, so those will go in her basket as well. (I tried to talk her into some generic high tops this weekend – she really was not having it!)
  • Thank goodness our church is having a “come as you are” Easter service this year.  I know it’s horrid, but Easter is my least favorite Sunday to attend church.  I can hardly pay attention to the service for all the rustling new clothes and gallons upon gallons of perfume and/or cologne.  I’m actually looking forward to services this year.  If you’re in the Jxn metro area feel free to come worship with us at 10:00 – we’d love to have you –  services will be at the Convention Center – dress as casual or as dressy as you please.
  • Smoochy asked what we were having for Easter dinner.  Well, since we’ve been too trifling to replace our oven, there shall certainly be no macaroni, dressing, or baked hen.  So I’m thinking…pizza?  Who knows 🙂
  • Do you make Easter baskets for the child(ren) in your life? What do you put in them?
  • Have you ever had a Cad.bury cream egg?  Are they tasty?  Nothing about that candy looks right to me!  I’m a fiend for those Star.burst jelly beans though and will most definitely be picking myself up a bag…or two.






10 thoughts on “Hip Hop Hooray ~ Easter Randoms

  1. Yes I do Easter baskets. Hers has a minimal amount of candy, coloring books, toys, bubbles, etc.

    I loved the cadbury eggs what I was a kid. Haven’t had one in years.

  2. Those eggs are NASTY!! I don’t dress my children up for Easter or indulge in Easter baskets. I just don’t get it. I do plan on going out a little this year for them but I didn’t have those things as a child so I guess that’s why I don’t do it.

    • We’re opposites – my parents never got us Easter baskets either and I always wanted one so I make sure to get her one. I’ll stick to my jellybeans 🙂

  3. I’m with you on the Starburst jellybeans. They are my favorites!!! I give up candy, sweets and all snacks for Lent. And this year I also gave up wine and all alcohol. So no sugar, and no alcohol for 40+ days!!!!! Yeah on Easter Sunday I plan to attack my EasterBasket right after chrurch, and sit there and eat every jelly bean until I get a stomach ache. Then wash it down witha glass of Petit Verdot wine… LOL

    Al always makes me a nice Easter Basket. I can’t wait 🙂

  4. I usually make an Easter basket for Tyler. I always got a store bought one as a kid. I think those are a waste b/c it’s filled with paper and fluff. I plan to make him and Kayden one. His will have an ipod case in it b/c he’s been wanting one and some candy. Kayden’s will have some treats he likes and some tub toys. I am one of those parents that do go all out for every holiday imaginable. I only have these little boys here for 18 yrs.. Might as well give them some fun memories.

  5. I have given Cadbury cream eggs the side-eye for as long as I can remember. My theory on food is if it looks disgusting, it probably is (at least in your own mouth).

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