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Hey Y’all!

I kept trying to wait for something momentous to occur and bring me back over here to post. Um yeah, nothing all that spectacular going on, so randoms it is :

  • Heavy heart for the people of the Boston Marathon bombings.  Heavy heart for my child’s loss of innocence as she asks me why people keep killing children.  Heavy heart for mothers in war-torn countries who have to answer that question regularly.
  • Have I mentioned this boot camp class I’m in? Well, Sunday classes at 3 p.m. haven’t been all that easy to work into my schedule, so this weekend I coughed up $10 and went to a Saturday afternoon “extra” session. Y’all. I would’ve been a terrible slave. After pushing a track hurdle up and down the football field a couple of times and running the bleachers a gazillion, okay 10 times, and various other forms of legal torture? I was through! And that was only 90 minutes. I cannot image a day full of slave labor. God bless my ancestors.
  • After boot camp I went home, showered and took LG to a kid fest. Parenting – it never ends. All I really wanted to do was collapse into the comfort of my bed. So I did, as soon as we got home and pretty much there for the rest of the weekend.
  • I’m wearing blue every Friday this month for Autism Awareness. I always mean to participate by changing my front porch light bulb to a blue one, but forget.  Of course this has extended to my fingernails 🙂  Last week’s manicure was a denim blue shade. This week? It’s electric! Boogie oogie oogie oogie.
  • Gave up sugar for the month of April. So far I miss coffee the most. I crave a cup every morning. Everything else, surprisingly, I’ve not missed much at all.
  • Bought LG a $69 refurbished Kindle – she loves that thing! My primary reason for buying it was so she’d have something small to keep her occupied as we travel this summer. I thought she’d put some apps on the Kindle and keep right on “borrowing” Smoochy’s full sized tablet. Didn’t happen – she has returned his tablet to him, charger and all! Thanks again to TIH for pointing out the CNET deal that made the purchase possible. I am thrilled all the way around.
  • Speaking of CNET, apparently you can have up to 5 lbs. of documents shredded gratis at Off.ice De.pot for the next few days. Coupon here.
  • It’s so good loving somebody when somebody loves you back! Teddy P. knew what he was talking about!
  • Good conversation about chores and allowances last night on Twitter. I need to be more consistent as it relates to LG and chores. I’m horrible at follow-up. Horrible. But I know if I don’t buckle down, neither will she.
  • I bought the softest lightweight sweater from Old N.avy the other day. I’m in love. Perfect for the freezing cold temperatures of my office during the summer. If this one holds up in the wash I’m going back and buying at least two more.
  • I’ve started and scrapped posts about marriage, child rearing, and love. Hopefully they’ll come together sooner rather than later.  I’ll be struck by a most genius (in my mind anyway) thought, but by the time I get around to writing about it…yeah…

Anyhoo, I hope that all is well with you and yours. Have a beautiful day!


4 thoughts on “Hey Y’all!

  1. I just bought Regs a refurbished Kindle too! But dangit I paid about double what you paid. It arrives today, but she won’t get it until we go out of town for Mother’s Day weekend. That will give me time to learn how to use it and get some things loaded on to it.

  2. I see you have been quite the busy one–thinking, doing and prepping.

    I had planned this surpirise comment from Iceland. SURPRISE!! Look at these letters: æ, Ð, Ö. There a lot of consonants with not corresponding vowels. For example: GREIÐSLUSEÐILL or Fludasveitarinnar or Arshatiöarpakkar. I will be fluent by the time we get back 🙂

    Check your email after a while. Smooches

  3. I might have been a terrible slave also, but my daughter in her child like wisdom said “mummy you’re strong, you would’ve have succeeded at running away.” (we were at the time talking about Roots and Kunte Kinte), in a weird way that made my day.
    Sad about Boston – coming to the finish line at the end of a long race you are unprotected and vulnerable – who thinks to do these things.
    parenting never ends
    and its so good being loved by someone who loves you back.
    and i cant wait to hear about your mom’s trip from iceland.
    glad all is well with you.

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