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You Are Appreciated…and Other Randoms

It’s Employee Appreciation Week around these parts. So this morning as I approached the main hospital entrance there were two folks from administration grinning and handing out goodies to all employees walking through the doors. Words cannot express how disgusted I was when, as a “valued” employee, I was handed…a wrapped butter mint. I know that times are tight, and when I say I’m thankful for employment, that’s not just me blowing smoke. But a butter mint? Really? That’s insulting.








I had to spend a little time under the hairdryer this weekend. So I turned to Pinterest and ended up making three delicate little seed bead bracelets. I love them! They’ll be perfect this summer when I want to add a dose of color, but not weight, to my ensembles. I plan on making a few more, but need to pick up another packet of clasps before I can proceed.










Speaking of making things – do you craft? If so, what do you make? When LG is a little older, I think I’m going to sign the both of us up for sewing classes. She’s expressed interest, and if I could learn to make myself a pair of pants, I’d be a happy, happy camper.

Um…did anyone read “The View From Here?” I kind of forgot all about it. My Mom sent me her copy so I’m happy to have a discussion about it in a week or so if anyone else read it. Anyone? Anyone?

Do y’all have Sonic restaurants where you are? Let me tell you, I love this place! Their cherry limeades bring me joy all summer long and I now have a new reason to visit. They’ve declared this the “Summer of Shakes.” What, say what? I love – LOVE – a shake and Sonic has seen fit to tempt me with 25 flavors from which to choose. I’m going to stop short of saying I want to experience all 25 this summer, but really, I do. Well, all except for the peanut butter bacon flavor. I appreciate the juxtaposition of salty and sweet as much as the next girl, but I have to draw the line at pork products in my milkshake.








LG – and the rest of her elementary school – is in the middle of state testing. I really hate how aware of standardized testing she already is. She was glad we skipped church yesterday because “I need that extra study time, Mama.” Sigh. I want her to do well, and I’m certain she will (if she slows down and oh, I don’t know, actually reads the questions/problems), but I don’t want testing to be a major force in her life.

That’s it! What’s shaking in your neighborhood?!?


19 thoughts on “You Are Appreciated…and Other Randoms

  1. – A buttermint is pretty insulting. Its like someone putting a tip of change in a cup of water. Thanks but no thanks.

    -Cute little ring!

    – I so want to be a crafter. I am making a tutu for my next disney race and am learning to crotchet (slowly). I ordered supplies to make candles. I think that’s it. I also grabbed a listing of JoAnns classes when I got my tutu supplies and want to take sewing and cake decorating.

    – I have never been a fan of Sonic…but when I saw the commercials for 25 shakes I got woozy! I fell to my knees and yelled, “There is a God!”

    – Standardized testing sucks but they talk about it on day 1 in the schools. Its sad.

    • I’m just not sure who thought it was a good idea to give each one of our 9,000 employees one mint each -_-

      A tutu – how cute!!

      I tried cake decorating. Let’s just say um, yeah. I will not be quitting my day job to become a cake decorator any time soon. I was awful at it πŸ™‚

  2. That mint cracks me all the way up! Worse company gift ever presented.
    Those bracelets are cute but those beads look SUPER small. Did you have to string them individually? I would go cross eyed trying to do something like that.
    Sonic is a winner on drinks but they lose on food. They have such good ideas but their execution…blech.

    • If it’s not the worst gift, I can’t imagine what is!

      The beads, yep, they’re tiny and I did them one at a time, but it really wasn’t bad. Poured beads in my hand and strung them from my palm.

      They have food at Sonic???

  3. – The mint is insulting.

    – Last week i discovered a Sonic within 10 miles. I usually go there when we are in Central California. I am a fan.

    – I do crafts because my children enjoy it.

    – We are opting out of standardized tests.

    • My parents recently located one somewhere in their area – my mom’s goal is to partake (almost) fully in the Summer of Shakes. I get it honestly.

      LG is after me to teach her to bead. And I will. But honestly, I don’t feel like fooling with her and a bunch of microscopic beads right now. Bad mama!

  4. A butter mint, though? Not even a coffee mug?

    I like those bracelets! Can you share the link, or your name on pintrest? I swear that website will be the death of me.

    I got a sewing machine for Christmas…I haven’t even taken it out of the box. I made an attempt at crochet this winter and got bo further than when I tried to learn in high school. I think sewing will be my summer project since there’s a maxi dress I’d like to make.
    We have no Sonic, and it makes me sad every time I see a commercial. I may have asked my husband if he’d drive to another state so we could go to one.

    The city wide tests just finished out here. Kids and teachers are now on autopilot until June.

    • I’m nerdgirlms on Pinterest. The link to the bracelets is: http://stylegawker.com/post/2012/12/14/2538/ They’re super easy!

      My attempts at crocheting have been pitiful. But I’m going to try that again soon.

      True story – I know someone that used to drive from CA to AZ for Waffle House. That tickled me to no end! So I think your request to be driven out of state for a delicious Sonic drink is perfectly reasonable πŸ™‚

  5. That damn buttermint is a fool!

    I Love those bracelets! Make some for me, I’ll pay you πŸ™‚

    Standardized testing gave me heartburn as a child. I had test taking anxiety.

  6. Not even a cupcake. Cupcakes show appreciation!

    I don’t craft, but I do fix my broken jewelry.
    I tried my hand at sewing last Summer after watching MiMi’s tutorials. I made 2 dresses, and 4 or 5 skirts. I quit, I have no real talent and even less patience.

    No Sonics around here.

    Al and his ex-wife got their daughter a tutor to help her perform better on the Standardize test. She’s in 3rd grade!!!!! I really wanted to object to participating in this hype at such a young age. But I held my tongue. I really think it’s a mistake to put such emphasis on standardize tests this early.**sigh**

    • Maybe we’ll get cupcakes next year…right.

      MiMi will have you thinking you can do it all! That chick has serious talent. My patience levels for stuff like that are pretty nonexistent.

      Wow. A test tutor in the 3rd grade? I have a tendency to think that’s a bit much as well. A subject, yes. But a test? Nah.

  7. Butter mint. The gift that keeps on giving until it melts in your mouth. :-/ It’s very insulting and the kind of thing that would make me send in a letter to the execs…..anonymously of course. LOL

    I LURVE Sonic onion rings and Oreo Cookie Blasts. I eat the ice cream once a week (during the summer) each Sunday.

    Like OnefromPhilly, I don’t craft but do fix my broken jewelry. Your bracelets are super duper cute though. I may try it out.

    • ! I have seriously been trying to figure out how to make an anonymous suggestion about that dadgum mint. I’ve come up with nothing 😦

      Oooh, I haven’t had their onion rings in forever. I plan on drinking 1 or 2 mini-sized shakes a week until I’ve made my way through the menu. Well, minus that bacon deal.

  8. i woulda handed that mint back!

    we have ONE sonics in southern cali that I know of and the commercials come on all the time. Either build more or stop teasing me with commercials damnit! lol

    I am kinda crafty when I want to be. I’d love to learn to make bows and other cute things for my daughter, maybe one of these days

    I don’t miss standardized testing one bit, not even a little

    • Don’t think I didn’t think about it. Can we get a COLA? Bump this mint!

      That’s how I used to feel about Boston Market. I’ve never had them, but there commercials made everything look so delicious, but we didn’t have them here.

      There’s a lady here who makes a killing selling bows!

      • i know right, y’all coulda got ecards or something sheesh

        We have to drive all the way to Anaheim to get sonics around these parts. Its pretty shady

        My little ol Christina is gonna have to teach me how to make bows. She gets all my business! lol

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