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WWYD – Travel Edition

So y’all know LG and I are going to Spain this summer right? Right! You know we’re excited, right? Right!

Here’s the deal:  this is a family trip. In addition to LG & I, my parents, one brother and SIL, my niece, my nephew, and some extended family are making the journey. The plan is for us to all arrive and depart on the same dates. However….ticket prices have increased more than we originally thought when we decided to go on this trip.

So LG and I can:

A. Stick to the original plan, arrive and depart on the same date as the rest of the crew, pay around $1500 per ticket.


B. Deviate from the plan, arrive two days earlier, pay around $1100 per ticket, book a hotel room for about $50 a night, and meet up with the family (and change hotels) when they arrive two days later.

What would YOU do? Would you stick with the pack – safety in numbers and all that jazz or would you seize the day and travel halfway around with the world with a…spirited 8 year old and limited Spanish skills?

What do you think I’m going to do?





16 thoughts on “WWYD – Travel Edition

  1. Girl you better get there two days earlier! I am soooooo excited for you. I just got Regan’s passport this week and I can’t wait for our first international adventure.

    But I WOULDN’T stay in a hotel that was $50 a night. Not in this country or any other. Nope.

  2. Girl, go early. What part of Spain are you going to? In Madrid you’ll be fine just speaking English, the same for Barcelona. I can’t speak for other cities. That’s like $800 in savings!

    • This is what I came to say. In these two major cities, u will be FINE. Especially in Barcelona.

      Plus that flight is like 26 hours or something if I remember correctly. You don’t wanna spend that much time in close proximity to your family. This gives you time to arrive, slowly recover from jet lag, and be well rested and ready to go when the rest of the crew gets there!

  3. I am not fond of the idea of traveling by myself so I leaning toward A but I think it makes perfect sense to choose option B and I think that’s what you should do. $500 is quite a difference.

    This trip should be great fun and I cant wait to reald the thoughfully-written, picture-filled recap!

  4. Option B! Maybe you can use the savings to take a train and visit another city (or country!) that’s not on the group itinerary and overnight there.

  5. Option B sounds like the plan I would chose if I was in your shoes. You and LG will make memories there that only the 2 of you will share. The older the two of you get, the more you will appreciate the times when it was ‘just us’.

  6. I like option B.
    I think you will choose option B. because you seem pretty adventurous. However, I am with Babs and Veto the $50 per night room. 🙂

  7. I want to choose B, but I don’t know if I would be ready to be alone in Spain with my 4 year old. Maybe when she is 8, it will be different.

    I could see going with a teen. If I did go with a young child, I would spend the savings on a fancy hotel, so I could feel a bit safer.

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