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And Again I Say, Rejoice!

Good morning!  I hope everyone had a lovely weekend and that those of you who are mothers had a most wonderful Mother’s Day!!

Let me tell you – this weekend was awesome!  First off, my refrigerator is finally fixed. Whoo hoo. For real. Not cooking for over 2 weeks sounded great at first, but that got old real quick. I did cook a few times, but ended up throwing away the leftovers since I had nowhere to store them. 😦  Anyhoo, my kitchen is almost back up and running (hope to get my stove this week) and I am glad about it.

Since I had to restock my fridge and freezer I decided I may as well do some reorganizing in the kitchen too. My little pantry looks 100% better, I bought new containers for storage, and as soon as I find a pattern I like, I’m going back through to re-line my shelves with something bright and cheerful.

Organizing stuff makes me happy y’all.

What else? Oh yes, even though I’d asked God to make it rain on our karate demo at a local family festival and my request was denied, LG and I ended up having a good time. She did three demos and in between the demos we space jumped, ate carnival food, and played in the mud. And by “we,” I totally mean LG. I stood around talking to folks and gawking at all of the daisy dukes/cowboy boot combinations that were out and about. Thought about staying for at least a little of the concert (Little Big Town), but the temps started to drop and chilly is one thing I don’t play. So we bounced. And spent the rest of the evening chilling with Smoochy.

Sunday, I pretended like I was going to early morning service. Laid my clothes out and everything. Didn’t make it. Smoochy and LG gave me strict instructions not to come downstairs. Three hours later – yes, 180 whole minutes – they brought me breakfast in bed and gave me my gifts.  Everything was so wonderful and I stopped to thank God for blessing me with my family. And to ask His forgiveness for skipping services.

And before we knew it, the weekend was over. Clothes were being laid out, lunches were being made, and one more happy dance was done around the refrigerator!

How were things in your world this weekend?



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