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Then The Music Changed, The Plan Was Rearranged…

So, about the other day’s WWYD-Travel Edition...

I’m so glad that most of you picked Option B – leaving early, spending a few days on our own and saving a nice piece of change.  That was surely my plan. But…my SIL fudged around for so long on where her kids were leaving the US from (either with LG and I or with the Houston part of the group) that the fabulous deal I had my eyes on disappeared. Grrrrrr.

This is this hotel I was looking at – my bad, it’s $66 a night, how I “rounded” that to $50 I don’t know. New math I guess. But, I’d stay there in a heartbeat. Inexpensive, pretty centrally located, and clean? My type of hype. Oh well, maybe next time.

Now, LG and I are traveling to DC, hanging out for a day and a half and then traveling on to Espana! I’m pretty psyched about (hopefully) taking LG to the Smithsonian (probably Natural History) and to the fireworks show on the Mall! I hope the Great Sequestration doesn’t negatively affect my plans…I’d planned to take her to DC for Spring Break ’14 now with this little trip, we may go elsewhere for Spring Break. Either way, I’m excited. I love DC and can’t wait!


2 thoughts on “Then The Music Changed, The Plan Was Rearranged…

  1. that hotel looks nice. I’ve stayed some pretty inexpensive places and not a single bad review from me to be had

  2. I work right across from the Air and Space Museum, Independence and 7th. I’ll send you my cell # in the inbox on FB. Call me if you get a chance and maybe I can have lunch with you and LG!!! 🙂

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