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Book Club – Yellow Crocus

Please forgive my failure to post yesterday – work got in the way and then I had to leave early to pay a man $75 to “fix” my water heater by turning it up from A level hot to C level hot.  -_-

Okay, so where were we? Ah yes – our discussion of Yellow Crocus. The story of  Mattie – a slave woman, her children, and Paula Deen. I mean, the family for whom she worked.

I enjoyed this story, was reminded of how limited the rights of women during that time were – enslaved, free, or otherwise – and was pleasantly surprised by the ending.

That’s all I’m going to write for now – WordPress is tripping and underlining everything I type in red. My eyes can’t deal.

Head over to the comments and get to discussing.  I’ll be back!


10 thoughts on “Book Club – Yellow Crocus

  1. I enjoyed the book overall, and I was glad that the ending was actually believable. I felt some kind of way about Lizbeth’s personal attendant actually being her sister-but it served as a reminder that in that time, men could father outside children and women had to just deal with it. I think being a new mom made Mattie’s heartbreak over having to leave her son in the quarters feel more real to me. I was happy that she and Jordan were able to escape and meet the rest of the family.

    • I’ve always been amused at how quick the wives were to call the slave women all kinds of untoward names. Um, how about the fact that your husband is running around raping slave girls/women?!? But as I said, I suppose those women were relatively powerless as well.

      The ending brought me all types of joy.

  2. I really enjoyed the book (read it in four days)! The story was believable, but not very well developed as other books I have read on the subject of slavery and abolitionists. I wanted to “feel” more from Lizbeth’s character thank was actually placed in the book. I wanted to shed tears when she wept, etc… I didn’t do that for Mattie’s character either, even though I felt the characters were somewhat believable.

    One big shortcoming was the lack of character development for Matthew and his parents. We really didn’t get a chance to see how they came to share the beliefs as abolitionists.

    • For some reason, I felt Lizbeth always had more of connection to Matthew, but was forced to agree to marry the other guy. It would’ve been nice to have more character development of Matthew.

    • It was indeed a quick read. I am okay with the character development in this one. Everyone seemed “real” to me and I appreciated that.

      I would’ve liked to know more about Matthew and his folks. Couldn’t have been easy times for them, living with the beliefs that they held.

  3. I enjoyed the book as well. I found it to be a quick and easy read, but I wanted more at the end. I wanted Lizbeth and Mattie to embrace when Lizbeth came to her house. I understand the times were different, but they had such a strong connection and with Lizbeth readily leaving her family to live in a free state, I thought it would end a bit differently. I wouldn’t expect a full-out blossoming friendship (due to the times), but something behind closed doors perhaps. Mattie still seemed especially cautious (which was understandable).

    • I was glad their was no sweet and total reconciliation at the end. I know this was a story of fiction, and while I am certain that real, true, life long bonds did develop between children and their mammies in this instance I was “glad” that Mattie was cool being cool. I was impressed with Lizbeth’s realization that Mattie had her own family that was her priority.

  4. So glad you put this post up! I had been wanting to read this book when I downloaded it in January but never got around to it.

    I enjoyed the book. It brought out so many emotions. I felt so bad for Mattie having to raise another person’s baby while hers was not that far away. I also felt like she was so conflicted to love Lisbeth like she did. I love that Mattie’s family escaped safely…because I wa ws so scared for them. I love the example of love!

    Although I thought the ending was realistic, I wanted more! More of an acknowledgement or something.

    I gotta give it to people like Mathew to give everything up and support Freedom. That was a really hard choice in that time.

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