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My Dream Home

So, a week or so ago on the Twitter we were discussing how everyone’s blogging mojo seems to have dried up. Topics were gathered (I couldn’t even think of one – sad) and distributed and I decided to address this one: You win a contest to build your dream home. Draft the plans.

Here we go….

My dream house has:

Two levels. I am a big fan of the sleeping areas being well separated from the living areas.

A split floor plan

Three bedrooms

Two living areas – one for Smoochy and I (really Smoochy, ’cause I chill in our room 98% of the time) and one for LG and any playdates/sleepovers/other people’s children in my house activies

4.5 bathrooms – two for the master bedroom, one each for the other bedrooms and a 1/2 bath for guests.

A library with two big plush chairs that face a huge floor-to-ceiling window. This room?  All me 😉

No dadgum carpet. I know this is a list of what things the house has, but I feel the need to state that there shall be nary a piece of carpet laid in my dream home. Area rugs, cool. Wall to wall carpeting? Heck naw.

Hardwood floors in every room except the bathrooms and laundry room – those would have slate tile.

Laundry room would have a utility sink and enough room for the overflowing baskets of clean laundry to not look as awful as they do in my current functional, yet small laundry room.

Screened in back porch where I could sleep my life away read and meditate.

And all of this would need to fit into no more than 2500 sf or so. I’m not about houses full of rooms that won’t be used.

Enough of that, here are some pics of how my dream home would look if money were no object.


I definitely favor Craftsman/Bungalow type homes…

Master bedroom
My bathroom.  No tub necessary! And not this big, but you get the drift…
Picture me rolling. And by rolling, I mean reading 🙂
Love this loft of a library!
Kitchen. Bright, open, airy.
Love this closet.

4 thoughts on “My Dream Home

  1. Nice design. I loved living in L.A. and visiting open homes I could not afford (yet). One house had a master bathroom that had her toilet and bidet on one side and his toilet and bidet on the other side of the bathroom, each was in its own large closet like space. In the middle were mirrors, a chaise lounge for her and I cannot remember where the tub and shower were. I guess I was too impressed by the separate stalls inside a bathroom to recall the rest.

  2. I loved the stained concrete in the master bedroom pic. I prefer that flooring over hard wood. The only negative I foresee would be during winter. Of course, my dream home would be in the Bay area so that wouldn’t be so bad. ;D

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