This morning LG bounded, yes bounded, out of bed at 5:30 ready to get dressed and tackle her first day of third grade. While I’m all about enthusiasm for the educational process, I needed a few more minutes of quiet time and asked the little girl to go back to sleep until 6. She obliged me. Kind of. She got in my bed and kept up a running commentary until 6 when she hopped up and got to moving.

I’ve known for weeks what she was planning on wearing today. A t-shirt dress and her tall Converse. My friend called me last night and asked me what LG was wearing (her children wear a uniform) so I told her. And she started telling me how much she hates the tall Converse and refused to buy any for her daughter. Okay. I don’t like them either. But I’m not wearing them – LG is. LG can wear whatever she wants as long as it’s in our budget and decent. I refuse to get all hung up on what the child wears. Refuse. Smoochy is not nearly as liberal as I am and sometimes tells LG to change her clothes before they go somewhere together because he doesn’t like what she has on. Her response “I’ll change Daddy, but I like my outfit and am sorry that you don’t.” I really truly love that she’s comfortable being herself and hope that she always will. Even if she does look like Punky Brewster 95% of the time.

Open House was Tuesday night. You go, find out who the teacher will be for the next year, and drop off school supplies. We got to the doors of the school, LG found her name and turned around and told me “Oh, God is trying to be funny.” Say what now? “Mama, all summer I prayed to get any one of three teachers. There are only four 3rd grade teachers. I got the one I didn’t want. God is trying to be funny.” Ma’am. God is giving you what you need and I’m sure you and Mrs. E are going to have a marvelous year together 🙂


Geared up and ready to tackle 3rd grade – shoes and all!


13 thoughts on “3

  1. So cute! Except for the shoes which or horrendous! I think Regan is going to be the same way. Even now at 3 she has to pick out her clothes everyday. Sometimes she matches, sometimes not so much. It’s a battle I choose not to fight.

  2. I think she looks great! I don’t think you posted any true punky brewster type outfits? Love she she has confidence and gets God’s jokes! He is going to be playing them on her for a long time 🙂

  3. My sister and b-i-l let my niece and nephew decide how they want to dress & wear their hair. My nephew likes to wear a longer afro, but they’ll have it cut down from time to time. My niece’s fashion sense is not the same as her Auntie’s (lol!), but it’s her choice.

    Hope LG had a great 1st day of school.

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