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Top Five

So, Friday night I took my lovely self to the Anthony Hamilton concert and had a ball! That little man put on a show! Do you hear me? He can s-a-n-g sang, his band is talented, his back up singers are awesome, and they all seemed like they were having a great time.

I knew every song he sang, sang along with most of them, partied in the aisle (until my knees started hurting…) and actually left the venue slightly “dewy.” Talk about a good time!

And I did all of that all by my lonesome. Everybody I knew that was going to the concert was going with their S/O so that left me two options: go by myself or stay home. Really? There was only one option: go!

Let me tell you about the one negative in an evening full of pluses…I was sitting on the aisle and there were two ladies to my right. AH was singing “Cool” and all three of us were standing up, dancing and singing. All of a sudden we hear “sit yo ass down! I said sit yo ass down!” Um, no. So we kept doing what we were doing. And then again we heard it again “sit yo asses down! Can y’all hear me? Sit yo ass down!” I turned around and glared. Gave him the best mean mug I could and gave a head shake with my lips all twisted up. Old girl next to me told him to “stand his little ass up or shut the eff up! We paid our money and we’re here to have a good time!” I turned around and gave him a wink and a smile. Me and old girl high fived and kept right on doing what we were doing. I couldn’t believe his date let him talk to a bunch of women like that, but whatever. Loser.

And if anybody tells you that I rushed the stage to get up close and personal, dance, shake AH’s hand, and have my locs complimented by the base player? They’re not lying 🙂

Saturday morning LG was asking me if I was sad ’cause I had to go by myself. No ma’am. While it is always fun to get together and go with friends, my mama told me a long time ago if I want to go somewhere/see something/do something and I have the means and the time I should go. Not to miss out on opportunities ’cause I’m waiting on someone to experience them with me. So that’s what I told LG. When I finished, she hollered “preach Mama!” and told me she wasn’t going to let the scary kids on the playground stop her from playing on the monkey bars. Rock on LG…

Anyhow, Friday night’s concert was easily in my top 5 concert experiences of all time – just fabulous! My complete list?

1. Prince – Memphis, 1997

2. Prince – Biloxi, MS, 1999

3. Anthony Hamilton – Jackson, MS 2013

4. The O’Jays – Riverfest, Little Rock, AR…can’t remember the year

5. Frankie Beverly and Maze – UAPB Homecoming…can’t remember the year…or anything else 🙂

What was the last concert you went to? How was it? Who are you going to see next? Who is on your Top 5 concerts of all time list?


9 thoughts on “Top Five

  1. Glad you had a great time! I haven’t been to too many concerts, but my top experiences have been:
    Kindred the Family Soul (DC)
    Dwele (NYC)
    Machel Montano (NYC)
    Leelah James (NYC)
    Marcel and The Truth (DC)

    Kindred always puts on a great show (we’ve seen them at least four times), and they’re so down to earth-they took a picture with us and congratulated us on our baby.

  2. Awesome! I don’t miss out on stuff because I have to go solo, either! I haven’t been to enough concerts but 112 & Bilal were great. Ginuwine puts on a great show, too.

  3. I was thinking about the question and realized that I haven’t been to a hell of a lot of concerts. Like.at.all. Most artists that I listen to, I’d rather not see in concert if that makes any sense at all. I have enjoyed Jill Scott each time I’ve seen her. Maxwell came (with Chrisette MIchelle & Common) to LR a few years ago but honestly I enjoyed Common more than Maxwell.

  4. he puts on thee best show! I had so much fun seeing him in concert in 2011! I even got to meet him backstage. Him and prince are def my top 2 concerts thus far.

  5. I LOVED New Edition concert last year. It was so much fun. They were having a ball and the audience had great energy.

    I have missed a lot of things “waiting” on other people to make up their minds or simply not having anyone to go with. I go through seasons where I am like F’ it! And I go by myself….and then other times, I don’t go. Trying to get to be the one who does it 100% of the time but sometimes it is something you want to share or it changes the experience.

    My favorite concert was Beyonce in 2009…she was a DYNAMO. Shock and awe. I may or may not have cried when she talked about Michael Jackson.

    I also went to a Prince Concert that was held at our House of Blues. It was when he was doing the Hit and Run Tour and he gave notice like 2 days prior to hitting the city. He was awesome! That was in 1999 or 2000….when he was still good.

  6. The last concert I went to was in June – the Kings of Hip Hop Tour with De La Soul, Public Enemy, Ice Cube and L.L. Cool J. Sweated my hair out and didn’t care!

    The best concert EVER was Sade. I was not on the floor, but I was seated not far from the corner of the stage and could see her very clearly. I went with my best friend (my husband wasn’t interested), who admitted (when the show was over and we were leaving) that she thought she would be depressed afterwards, but was glad I’d convinced her to go. That concert was worth every penny.

  7. I don’t have a “top 5” concert list, but the top 2 would consist of Prince and Raphael Saadiq. I’ve seen Prince 3 times and each time it was simply awesome! I saw Raphael Saadiq at the House of Blues in New Orleans. It was a small venue and that man can sang!

  8. Anthony Hamilton is the TRUTH! I saw him during Jill Scott’s Block Party concert and he was a firecracker!

    You know concerts are my FAVORITE past time! Mister and I will drop what we’re doing to go to a concert! I’ve been to so many, it’s gonna be hard to parse it down. I’m gonna try though:

    Eric Roberson (all FOUR times I’ve seen him)
    Jill Scott
    Tweet (folks sleep on her….she’s rockin’ them stages!)
    The Roots (I’ve seen them twice and they are phenomenal)
    Erykah Badu (I’ve seen her twice…she puts on a show)

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