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This Right Here? May Be the Death of Me.

Okay, math is not my favorite subject. Never has been. But I figured I could at least hold LG down until 6th grade . 7th if they don’t start with that x-axis/y-axis foolishness. Anyhoo.

Last night LG asks me to help her with her math ’cause she’s not understanding it. They’re working on double digit subtraction. I got this! Except I don’t. Because of course, the way we learned to subtract way back in the last century? Not good enough for these children of the new millennium.

I have worked with LG (A little. Please remember, I hate math. Though I am trying not to pass that hatred on to her) on basic mathematics functions. And I taught her the way I’d been taught. I should’ve known better.

Exhibit A

Old School












Exhibit B

New School














15 thoughts on “This Right Here? May Be the Death of Me.

  1. I get the concept and I would follow a similar train of thought IF I had to do it in my head (on paper it would be the old method). But I can see the kids getting confused by it as it would be difficult to teach. The thing about trains of thought is that everybody aint on the same one.

    • I totally agree. It is easier to change the number to 30 so you have that zero and it’s easier to subtract but this method to me, and I’m sure to other younger students can be quite confusing.

  2. I’m thinking, as long as you get the answer and show your work, it ought to be cool. So glad my youngest just graduated high school! I suck/sucked at math. My oldest was great at it. I send her siblings to her. A gift and a curse.

  3. Ok, I’m in the minority here.I like new math. Is is still called new math? I learned math the old school way just like you did. My kids homework was just like LoveGirls and now I do it the same way in my head. And it is really, really fast. I do percentages, multiply, all of it in the whole number way.

  4. I love math. But I do it MY way, and I always will. When my son was in school he would NOT let me tutor him. Fine, I told him to do math the way the teacher is teaching because I use my methods. I tutor now and still show my students MY way, but I tell them to use the method that their teacher is showing. Because at the end of the day that teacher is marking the test. I understand the way LG is being taught, I just disagree, I just find it to be a bunch of extra steps.

  5. It’s more mental math. They are trying to get them to do the calculations in their head than on paper. I understand the thought process in the 2013 image, but it is difficult to explain.

  6. I’m pretty good at math. I can help Buddha through Pre-Calc. He probably won’t utilize me b/c I’m with you, this new math? For the birds. When I saw a kid do double-digit multiplication by drawing a lattice? I was through. It’s fine they want to teach another way of solving problems, but the beauty of math is that there are multiple ways to arrive at the answer. Why don’t they teach all of them?

  7. yes my son is being taught the same sigh.. let me try to get on it and learn it to see what it’s all about.. number bonds and all kinds of crap!

  8. ahhhhhh ok.. i just spent a few seconds looking at that and i think i get it! i think i do that math in my head anyway! just never seen it written out and explained… so, the smaller number was rounded up to subtract faster then deal with the ones for the accurate answer.

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