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10 on Tuesday

  • I said I wasn’t going to blog about my youngest brother and his wife anymore. So I won’t. But I will say that I’ve been thinking about him quite a lot lately. I sent him a text this morning just to say hi. I’m 99.9% sure he won’t respond.
  • The last Sunday in October is “rep your school” Sunday at our church. I just ordered a new tshirt so I’ll be ready.  One of the most fun Sundays at church – so much noise talking and all in the house of the Lord 🙂  LG has announced she wants to wear a JSU shirt this year. Traitor.
  • Have y’all read about Jonathan Ferell? The young man killed by a police officer after seeking help after he had a late night car accident? I’m so very tired of this. And I know that my being tired isn’t doing a darn thing to stop the madness. I don’t know what we need to do.
  • When you call in to work, do you say why you’ll be out? I don’t.
  • I just cancelled my hotel reservations for Homecoming. One of the drawbacks about having attended college in a small town is lack of hotel rooms. Hotels in Pine Bluff make you reserve a room Thurs-Sat nights for Homecoming. Well, LG’s school play is that Friday, and there’s no way I’m missing that! So I decided to cancel the whole thing. Maybe next year I’ll try to get a room in Little Rock and travel when it works for me. Though I hate I’ll miss Homecoming, JSU’s homecoming is that same weekend, so a good time will definitely be had by all!
  • Trying my best not to turn into an old, racist lady. It’s not as easy as it used to be.
  • LG has let me know that as much as she’s loved whipping her hair back and forth these last few weeks, next time she gets her hair “done,” she wants braids. Not a problem my little tender headed girl.
  • Fall is right around the corner and I cannot wait. I have been ordering boots left and right in preparation for cooler temps. Don’t get excited – I’m sure I won’t keep them all, just have to find something that works for my…more than average sized feet.
  • Ooh, did I tell y’all I’m getting a new title and a bit of a raise? Well I am! And to think, all I wanted was a new title, someone else stepped in and said I needed more money as well. Thank you Lord!
  • The people I’ve “met” and met because of social media? They rock!

8 thoughts on “10 on Tuesday

  1. Congratulations on your promotion! That’s awesome.
    I’m waiting until the end of the month to go boot shopping. It’s a trial finding boots that fit my calves.
    It’s hard not to become a young racist lady. Between stop and frisk, Tray.von Mar.tin, and watching Fruit.vale Stati.on last week, seeing the news story on Jona.than Fe.rell made me curse at the TV. Why would the officer have needed to use his tazer in the first place? I’m starting to feel like there’s no safe place in this country to raise my sons.
    My mom’s church hosts a “heritage Sunday” the week before Labor Day. You bring your country’s flag and have a holy ghost jump and wave.

  2. Congratulations on your promotion and that salary increase! I was sad to hear about the young man shot by police. It happened here in my hometown. I am glad that the police moved fast and arrested the policeman responsible. I have read accounts and I just don’t understand the need to shoot someone 12 times. 10 of those bullets hit him. I hope LG’s play is a success!

  3. I too am tired of incidents that senselessly harm our young black men…i am a mother of a young black man, and sometimes i just want to scream or live in fear – neither of which is good. I could not subject myself to fruitvale station no matter how well done it was.
    congrats on your raise and promotion and i’ve met some lovely people via blogging you being one of them.

  4. No, I don’t tell the people at work why I’m going to be out. That is none of their business.

    Congrats on the new title and moola!

    So tired of incidents like that in NC. So. Very. Tired. 😦

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