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What’s In Your Wallet?

So I was over on the Twitter discussing the fact that Smoochy lost his wallet. No big deal, right? Cancel the debit and credit cards, replace your license and press on.

And then he told me that he also carried his SS card AND paper with our bank account numbers on them. *Slaps forehead and sighs.* I’m pretty sure that I told that dude ages ago to stop carrying all that stuff around. It wasn’t necessary and IF he ever lost his wallet – you know, like today – replacing what he had would be simple and we wouldn’t have to worry about people stealing our information.

I want to get upset about it, but really, what can I do? We’re going to cancel stuff, place an alert on our account and pray for the best.

That got me to thinking, I’m doing all this fussing discussing with Smoochy, but I needed to inventory my wallet to see what I’m carrying around just in case this lost wallet thing is contagious.

So, I opened up my little happy yellow wallet, and this is what I found:

My DL, credit card, a book of stamps, and the following cards: library, insurance, SteinMart, Sallys, Walgreens, Sephora (I don’t even wear makeup!!!), Chuck E Cheese gift card, Smoothie King gift card, and a JC Penney gift card. 

And I just called JCPenney to check the balance on that card – it’s zero, so my wallet is now one card lighter.

What are you carrying around? Are there things you should take out in case you lose your wallet? Do you have telephone numbers/account numbers in a separate place so that if you needed to call and cancel you wouldn’t have to wake your wife up in the middle of the night for said information would able to access that information easily? If not, what are you waiting for – get your wallet together 😉



8 thoughts on “What’s In Your Wallet?

  1. I clean my wallet of receipts every Monday. The majority of my banking/credit information is online (which probably isn’t any better). One thing that should be in my wallet is cash…I never have any and rely on my debit card way too much.

  2. I don’t have a lot in my wallet anymore. Just my debit and a back up credit card, license and insurance cards. I have a ton of giftcards as well. I try to keep cash..but its like water. I discovered Keyring and that got rid of a lot of the store loyalty cards!

  3. back in March my Coach Wristlet was stolen from my car. My niece left the passenger door unlocked when she got out and we were at the park. When I came back to the car it was gone. I didn’t even remember leaving it in the car. My SS was in it since we had moved the month before and They needed to see it.All of my various cards were in there including my debit and insurance cards. There was also a condom and a tampon in there. I’m not ashamed to tell it. I guess they could assume I was prepared for anything.

    The worst part was I had to file a police report, cancel all of my cards, request a new social and put holds on my credit and wait at the DMV for 4 hrs to get a replacement license. In July I came to my moms house to find a package. Inside was ALL of the things that were in my wallet( even the condom). The person who anonymously returned it said that my things were scattered all over the park in kind of a trail so they figured it all came from the same place. Whoever took my stuff just wanted my wristlet i guess and for that I’m grateful. I still haven’t taken the holds off my credit just in case but I feel relieved to have all of my stuff back. I no longer have my social in there. Never will again.

  4. DL, debit card, insurance cards, library card, stamps, cash, and gift cards. I have store loyalty cards on a keyring in my purse.

    I believe in always carrying some cash. You never know!

  5. I’ve been a victim of Identity Theft. And I’ve had my Gov’t credit card cloned! Years ago the Gov’t system was hacked and they wern’t sure who was effected so they gave many of the employees a free subscription to an Identy Theft Protection Service. I still have my coverage. And thank God they helped me recover from both the identy theft and when my Gov’t card was cloned.

    I only carry my 2 debit cards in my wallet. All credit cards stay at home in the safe until I need to use them. If I should happen to go to Macy’s without the card they are more they are more than happy to look it up the account number for me. So I don’t feel the need to carry a store charge on me.

  6. I don’t carry much around that I can’t cancel. I recently cleaned out my wallet and got rid of everything that I was a bit worried about if my wallet was lost or if it was stolen.

    I do need to keep a record of the numbers to call if this event does happen.

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