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Road Trip!

My most brilliant of brilliant ideas usually come to me when I’m doing housework. I try not to do too much housework, because really, y’all couldn’t handle my constant brilliance. Trust me on this one.

Anyhoo, as I was slaving away ironing clothes the other day it struck me – I should take LG on a road trip this summer! A good old-fashioned, throwback to .78/gallon gasoline road trip.

Why? Because I want to go home and the thought of paying more than a grand to fly to Cali just pisses me off. So I decided I could take a couple weeks off, rent a itty bitty gas conscious something, pack a bag or two, throw LG in the back, and hit the open road. We’d save a couple hundred bucks (maybe), she’d see parts of the U.S. she’s not yet seen, and we could spend hour upon endless hour together. I’ve even thought about swinging by and picking up my niece and nephew so they could join us for this epic adventure.

Clearly, I’ve lost my mind.

But the more I think about it, the more excited I am about the possibility of making it happen 🙂

If I were coming through your neck of the woods, what sights, restaurants, experiences would you recommend? Have you taken a road trip with your child(ren) before? How’d that work out for ya? Any recommendations or tips?


6 thoughts on “Road Trip!

  1. we did a road trip from california to atlanta and then from atlanta up to virginia and finally back to california. you definitely bond because you got nothing but time and the open road. as long as you have the time and aren’t rush, road trips are quite enjoyable. keep water and snacks in the car and drive according to you body rhythms (i.e. if you’re sleepy don’t drive) and be friendly with everyone you meet.

  2. I don’t have kids, but when I was a kid we used to on road trips all the time. One thing my parents did, no matter what, was detour to visit colleges (HBCUs). We went to Orlando for Disney one summer, on the way we stopped at Tuskegee and FAMU. Another summer, we went to DC, stopped in Atlanta to visit the schools there and while in DC we also went to Howard. On the way back we ventured through TN to Fisk.

    You’re heading west so not too many HBCUs that way, but there are a few depending on the route you take (Wiley College, Langston Univ.)

    Your idea sounds like fun and it definitely can be!

  3. You have made a great decision that will cover lots of territory — wink, wink. LG will love the trip. Let her navigate and keep track of the time/distance from one destination to the next. Let her research the attractions/landmarks/sights along the way. Let her decide which are for you two. If you get your niece and nephew, let them be involved in the itinerary as well.

    I look forward to see you all when you get here. (Then we can continue with an in-state road trip or two). C’mon.

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