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In It To Win It!

Last week I went to the doctor for my annual check up – everything is looking lovely. My blood pressure is fantastic, my HDL & LDL numbers and good and high/low respectively, and there’s not even a hint of diabetes lurking around.

But I need to lose weight.

I have managed to gain 10 pounds since my appointment last year. No ma’am. No sir. I’ve officially crossed the line into overweight and that just won’t do. I know that my eating habits have slipped and are to blame for the majority of this gain – my exercise routine hasn’t faltered much at all over the last year. The doctor told me that as one gets older it’s really easy to gain a pound or two (at no time did he say 10!!!) every year and one day you look up and you need to lose 40, 50, 60+ pounds.

I’ve talked a little (maybe y’all would say a lot) about Smoochy’s weight and how it frustrates me. Well, I’ve turned that over to the Lord and I do believe He’s going to work on Smoochy’s heart and get him up and moving. I’m pretty sure my nagging Smoochy every few weeks is just me being an instrument of the Lord…anyhoo, y’all know if there’s one thing I’m serious about it’s my kiddo. I’ve got to set a good example for her to follow as it relates to health so I’m buckling down. For real.

I asked my doctor about running. Which I hate. And stopped doing because it hurt my knees. Well, he said my knees are just not used to running, they’re not falling apart and that I need to get new tennis shoes and get back to running if that’s what I want to do. So I am. I’m not going to pretend like running is going to be “my thing” because I still prefer the elliptical machine, Zumba, and walking for my cardio, but I figure it won’t hurt me to run a mile or two once a week to help with this weight loss.

And I joined this workout challenge: http://www.mrshutupandtrain.com/30daycc/  A few people from Twitternation are joining me, and if you’re up for it, feel free to join as well 🙂 We’ll be eating clean and working out hard for the next 30 days. Feel my joy.

I was tempted to wallow around in sorrow and whine about having to drop this poundage. But really, there’s no point in that. And as I posted the other day on FB:  “Do not ask God to guide your footsteps if you’re not willing to move your feet.” I figure that applies as much to health as anything else, so I’m lacing up my new tennis and getting about the business of improving my health.

So here I am. Back at square one. Needing to drop these pounds, keep them off, and keep my numbers good. Let’s go!




6 thoughts on “In It To Win It!

  1. maybe go slowly in to running; walk first and invest in a good elliptical machine for the house – an elliptical plus a kindle is a surefire way to lose those 10 lbs.

    You can do it!!!

  2. Because you posted about doing the Daniel Fast with your Church, I tried it this past Lent. I was a bit more strick with myself since I already don’t eat meat, so I limited my diet to fruits, nuts, vegetables and water ONLY for the 21 days. I lost 15 pounds. Previously I had tried the gym, exercise DVDs, WW, and Atkins. I never lost 15 lbs with any of those. So I have gained back 5 lbs, but all of that has let me know that it is my diet alone that controls my weight. Cardio does nothing for my weight, I was in the gym on the stair climber, elliptical, rowing machine and didn’t lose a single pound. Exercise has helped stabilize my weight loss, but more of the calisthenics, sit ups, jumping jacks, push ups, squats, jump rope and boxing. So with clean eating, you’ll drop that 10 in no time. I hope running is fun for you. 🙂 So many people are loving it right now.

    • I’m hoping to find that “sweet spot” of diet + exercise. I usually drop 10-15 pounds on the Daniel Fast, but I don’t want to eat that way all of the time. There’s got to be a happy medium!

      Running is not fun. I look like an uncoordinated giraffe that cannot breathe…and that’s pretty much how I feel while running. LOL! It may get better – who knows?

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