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Forty Wonderful!

So since last we spoke…

  • I turned 41! Can you believe it? Okay, you probably can, but I can’t. 41? Time really does zoom on by. So blessed to see another year!
  • LG has informed me that we need to spend MORE time together. More y’all! We are nearly joined at the hip now, but I love my girl so now? I wake her up at 5:45 instead of 6:05 so we can spend 20 minutes cuddling and discussing what’s happened in our lives since her 8:00 bedtime the night beforeΒ  -_-
  • I’m down 5 pounds with my clean eating/increased exercise routine. Happy about it. Another 10 pounds and then I’ll be revisiting the whole “how to eat a few treats every now again without gaining the weight back” issue.
  • I have tailgated all across the south. And by “all across” I mean Baton Rouge and Itta Bena πŸ™‚ Of course we tailgate at JSU home games, but this season we’ve taken it on the road as well. Had a ball at Southern and MS Valley. We are truly making memories!
  • I have been wonderfully blessed by Disco Diva! One day on the twitter, I mentioned that I was going to ask for a stand mixer for Christmas. Do you know she told me she had one she never used and boxed that bad boy up and sent it to me? I am so very, very grateful. Ms. Mixtress posted the other day about folks saying it’s “just the internet,” but I wholeheartedly agree with her – the folks I have met and “met” via blogging and Twitter are simply awesome and I’m thankful for each of you.
  • And now? Pictures. Behold:


My purty new stand mixer! Making a cake next weekend to break this bad boy in πŸ™‚


I know I posted this on the Twitter, but this bar/lounge that some enterprising folks at Mississippi Valley set up at the tailgate just tickles me to no end! I should be so smart.


Deep fried koolaid from the fair. LG requested it and then declared it “gross.” I didn’t think it was gross, but it certainly wasn’t delicious!


This kid cracks me up. Especially when she’s wearing light up shades and dancing around my room.


LG and H after the 3rd grade play. I wish they weren’t so shy…


Y’all have a great weekend! We’re supposed to tailgate for JSU’s Homecoming, but since Grambling players are on strike and not coming to play, I’m not real sure how that’s gonna play out!


20 thoughts on “Forty Wonderful!

  1. Happy Birthday! Twitter is a awesome place to meet people. Some of the people I’ve met via Twitter and Blogs are pretty cool people. I love your blog and LG is just too funny! Love to hear about her!

  2. Deep fried koolaid? I have questions! How? What? Why?

    Those stand mixers are awesome! I have one and love it deeply. I don’t know how I baked before without one. It makes mixing a breeze!

    Love that you’re sacrificing sleep to get up 20 minutes earlier to cuddle with LG. πŸ™‚

    • That koolaid was….interesting. It smells and tastes like koolaid. I kept trying to figure out what kind of batter was used – it was really light, like the outside of a good hush puppy.

      I cannot wait to use the stand mixer – I am so hyped for it. And now I can ask Smoochy for a new radio for my car instead πŸ™‚

      Oh, the sacrifices! Read my comment to t. sheree πŸ™‚

      • I really thought I needed that mixer in my life…and realized, I don’t bake that often and I need the counter space more! I hope I get some poundcake sent to me! If you freeze it, it should be fine.

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