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Random Thoughts of a Home Bound Nerd

Being sick? So not my thing. I started feeling bad Wednesday, skipped Bible Study, no work on Thursday or Friday, stayed in the bed all weekend. Well, except for a random burst of energy on Saturday where I hopped up, made chicken and dumplings and a pound cake, then hopped right back in the bed and proceeded to sleep, take NyQuil shots, and watch/listen to a lot of bad television. I had a lot of time to think. Some of my thoughts were lucid, some were no doubt influenced by the constant turning up of the NyQuil shot glass.

  • The Golden Girls? Funny then, funny now. Friends? Sucks. Was it ever good?
  • I don’t think I’d let my son play football if I had one. These news reports about concussions, brain damage, and other long term effects are just scary. Not that it takes decades of research to realize that repeated hits to the head aren’t the best thing in the world. I’m glad I don’t have a son. Smoochy would want him to play regardless.
  • People in black face for Halloween – or any other occasion – are idiots.
  • I think people forget that just because laws changed people’s hearts didn’t necessarily do the same. We’ll always have racists among us. Always.
  • My scalp is crazy dry. I don’t think coconut oil – as much as I love the way it feels and smells – is doing me any favors. Back to olive oil I go.
  • LG walked in my room at some point on Saturday, called me a mouth breather then turned and ran down the stairs. I wanted to scold her for lack of empathy but I was laughing too hard.
  • After 14 years Smoochy has finally learned that all I want when I don’t feel well is to be left alone. No noise, no conversation, really, you don’t even have to check on me unless it’s to make sure I’m still breathing. I just want my bed, several pillows, the remote, and the aforementioned NyQuil.
  • I don’t blame Co.nrad M.urray for Mi.chael Jackson’s death. Really, I don’t. I think he’s an unethical dude and I wouldn’t trust him with the care of anyone I care about, but 2 years in jail is more than enough. I’m glad he’s out.
  • I think I’m buying a computer for the house for Christmas. As tempted as I am to get a laptop, I think a desktop would serve us better.
  • UAPB finally won a football game. We beat Mississippi Valley 38-18. We are now…1-7. Oh well.
  • I read a lot of blogs. But don’t comment as much as I used to. I need to do better.
  • My middle brother and his wife may move to Houston. That’s where my oldest little brother lives as well. I want to move. I’m sick of not being near my family.

That’s it. What’s shaking in your neck of the woods?


5 thoughts on “Random Thoughts of a Home Bound Nerd

  1. Being sick sucks!

    And Friends is great! Golden Girls is greater…but Friends will always hold a special place in my heart where Thursday nights were everything for TV watching.

    No one comments anymore…and I think that’s why people write less. If no one comments, has a blog been written? My take from does a tree make noise if it falls and no one hears it. I tried.

    I don’t get why 1) people think its necessary to wear blackface for costumers 2) why they adamantly defend it. It has racist undertones regardless of your intent so just don’t do it.

    I don’t blame Conrad either…he shouldn’t get his license back because of the ethics … but there are far too many to blame for Michael’s death (including Michael).

    If you are a mouth breather, you probably snore really badly too.

  2. Sorry you’ve been feeling so bad. Any better today?
    LOL @ LG calling you a mouth breather. 🙂
    I actually liked Friends, but I was a late adopter. I probably didn’t start watching it until the last few seasons. Golden Girls will always be funny!
    What kind of computer are you thinking getting?

  3. i like both golden girls and friends still but nothing beats the Cosby show re-runs for me!

    Next time do like I suggested and get those NyQuil shots in you before the sick even really gets a chance to start! I’m telling you, it works!

    I don’t think anyone should ever be in black face, ever!

    I agree 100% with what you say about conrad Murray

  4. LG is Funtay!
    Good Times is still funny. Never was a Friends fan.
    Soccer scares me for the same reason.
    I don’t understand blackface. or why my kids white friends like to say the n-word with an a. Why do that?
    I’m meh on Conrad. I don’t care if he gets his license back. He’s not the only arrogant dr. around. If somebody choses him for care, that’s on them.
    Trying to comment more.

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