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Pimp my Ride

Do you decorate your car? Are there little stick figures on your car letting the world know exactly how many people, dogs, and cats make up your family? Is your college alma mater mentioned? Your love of the chupacabra? That you love America’s team?  Who your preferred candidate was in the last election?

I have a UAPB alumni sticker and a YMCA sticker on my back window. The YMCA sticker is only there because I’m trying to win a contest (1 month free membership) – as soon as the contest is over, so is the sticker. I also have a UAPB license plate holder. I plan on adding a small JSU sticker and a small UM sticker, but that’s it.

What’s on your car? Do tell.


8 thoughts on “Pimp my Ride

  1. 13.1 magnet representing my completion of a half-marathon
    RCHIX sticker representing completing the Rocketchix triathlon
    Delta Sigma Theta license plate holder
    I have a ULM window decal, but I have placed on the car yet

  2. An Ohio State Alumni license plate frame.

    I’ll add my 13.1 sticker in another month. I have one from years past, but I feel like it doesn’t count anymore. I also used to have a USTA City Champion magnet, but that season is over and I’m not on that team anymore.

    No stick figures for me.

  3. 13.1 for half-marathon, 26.2 for full marathon and GUTS representing my trailrunning group and ultramarathon runs.

    I used to have a Univ or Rich license plate frame but people kept rear-ending my car and I got tired of buying new ones.

    I will never ever ever put those stick figures on my car.

  4. I have an alumni sticker from undergrad, a window decal from law school, and a Chicago sticker showcasing my favorite teams (Bulls, Bears, Blackhawks , and White Sox). No stick people ever.

  5. Law school license plate frame and a chrome longhorn. 😀 Oh, and a parking permit sticker from my old job that will be removed soon.

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