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Really dude?

Almost as soon as LG and I pulled into the garage today Smoochy ran out, told us how glad he was to see us and told us he’d just heard & downloaded a new song he thought we’d both like.

That “new” song? Blurred Lines by Robin T.hicke.

Sir. You are late as all get out. But you’re right – we both like it and to prove how much, we shook a tail feather right there in said garage.

So good to be home!


4 thoughts on “Really dude?

    • Oh, I like the song – no shame! – but he is just so late with it! One of the hazards of driving trucks for a living I suppose. He’s always “did you hear about….” Um, yes. Those of us who aren’t on the road 24/7 heard that days/weeks/months ago!

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