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The Bluff

This weekend LG and I traveled to Arkansas. Primarily to attend the funeral of my cousin’s mother, but also to catch up and with friends and family. And let me tell you – we had a ball!

Friday morning we got up and hit the road early – we were in Pine Bluff around 10:30 or so. We went to where my grandmother’s houses used to be. Both her home and her rental houses have been torn down, but it was still nice to show LG where her great grandparents lived and raised my mom, her sister and brother, where we spent time as kids, and where we (me and her 3 uncles lived) when we were in college. I was feeling all kinds of sentimental. Pine Bluff isn’t home, but kind of, it is.

After we left the lots we headed over to campus. I showed LG the building where I spent 90% of my time – KKSci. Not to be confused with the band frat K K Psi. Anyhoo, I took her to room 149 which is where Smoochy and I first met during our Pharmacology class. She declared the room gross because of “all that mushy love stuff.” Alrightie then. I showed her the dorm where her daddy lived and the window we used to talk through when I was getting out of class and he was getting ready for football practice. We went to the union and I showed her where I learned to play spades. Then of course, we went to the bookstore where I bought a stadium seat for Smoochy (it’ll be one of his Christmas gifts, so don’t tell!), a tshirt for me, and a little stuffed lion for LG.

Then on to Little Rock where we met AR Gal and Thoughts of a Southern Gal for lunch. And just like everyone else I’ve met via the interwebs, they were cool people. LG was truly worried that I was setting us up to be kidnapped or sold into slavery by meeting up with people I knew from the ‘net. Sigh. I had to tell her that she was not to ever give out information or meet up with folks from the internet, but it was perfectly fine for me to do so. I’m not sure she was convinced. Anyhoo, we had a good lunch – that little veggie sandwich I had was all kinds of tasty – and then the ladies had to get back to work. Poor things! We hugged necks, AR Gal led us over to the Clinton Presidential Library and LG and I went in and learned a little history.

LG tried to read every thing written in the museum. She took pictures of various presidential gifts, letters written to Clinton by school children, and one of Tony Blair. I’m not sure where her obsession with all things British comes from, but we now have a pic of Prime MInister Blair in our photo collection (?!?!?!). We read presidential schedules and saw a replica of the Oval Office. About two hours later we were ready to go. After all of that LG declared the museum “okay.” Whatever little girl, whatever.

We spent Friday evening waiting for my brother – who we ended up not seeing until Saturday – eating dinner and chillaxing.

Saturday we went back to Pine Bluff, caught up with one of my friends, and then headed to the funeral. One of the nicest funerals I’ve ever been to – a true celebration of life. Then hung around and caught up with family and friends. It was so good to see everybody. And of course we made the same statement we always do – we need to see each other more than at just funerals. Hopefully we’ll really do better!

Then back to Little Rock (I drove a lot!) to hang out with my brother, SIL, and a few of their friends. Spent the night in Little Rock, got up had breakfast, then back to Mississippi!

So glad to be home and hug and kiss on my husband!

And that, was our weekend. How was yours?

Pictures coming tomorrow. What? This blogging every day thing is hard 🙂




2 thoughts on “The Bluff

  1. I’ve been to the Clinton Library and it is very nice. I’ve actually visited a few Presidential Libraries and they are quite intriguing to me. Such history!

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