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Picture Dump

This one’s for you TIH!


LG standing in what used to be my kitchen…I think.


The University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff. Alma mater, we love thee, we love thee dear mother, and all that we have we cast down at thy feet…


KKSci. Room 149. Where our story began. Ah, young love!


Some strangers from the internet. And now I really want to cut my hair and rock loose natural hair.


What happens when your photographer is 9.


She read every letter in that case. And now wants to write a letter so it’ll be in President Obama’s library.


On the Clinton Library bridge. Peep that Golden Lion sticker on her cheek – my propaganda campaign hard at work!


My middle brother and SIL. Love them!


My grandpa’s grave. I am so not a cemetery visitor, but I was determined to go this trip. I couldn’t find the rest of our relatives. Which is pitiful since it’s a family plot -_-


My friend’s daughter, LG and I. Where’s my friend you ask? Oh, she was at work but the girls wanted to see each other, so there you go.


We are family. Can’t you tell?


There was an Oscar deLa Renta exhibit at the Clinton library. The dresses were not at jaw droppingly awesome as I thought they’d be. I did like that short black number. LG declared the clothes “old people style.” Sigh.


Tony Blair. Yeah. I got nothing.


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