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I’ve had gray hair for a long time – since my late teens. It’s never bothered me and I’ve never tried to hide it.

However. My “older person” gray hair is different than my “younger person” grays. This new gray hair? Finer and straighter. I’m not feeling it.

I was seriously considering cutting my locs off, but dealing with yet another texture in addition to the two or three I’ve already got going on? I’ll pass.

So do you have grays? Are they a wild bunch? How do you deal with them, if at all?


5 thoughts on “Gray

  1. I have grey, but not in clusters and not at the hairline. Currently I use henna and I love what it does for my hair as well as the color. You have to use BAQ (Body Art Quality) which I typically purchase from the indian store. I mix with green tea and honey until it has the consistency of a relaxer. I leave it on overnight then rinse and deep condition. this usually lasts as long as it takes my gray hairs to grow in,

  2. I’ve also had gray hair for a long time, since my teens. It wasn’t a lot of gray then, just a few strands, but now? All over my head. They are definitely a different texture, sometimes wiry and doing whatever they please, and I’m okay with it. I’m not going to fight it, just embrace it. I know one day I’ll have a full head of gray and I’m ready for it!

  3. I have some grays in the front around the right side of my hair line. When I was relaxed, I covered them by getting a cellophane. Haven’t done anything to them in the year that I’ve been natural. I keep wavering between using henna or actual color to cover them. I’d get the color done at an Aveda salon.

  4. Oh, my hair is not going gray. It is going WHITE and a little bit of silver. And it is coming on strong. Too many and too fast. I have given up on coloring it. I had heard that I might want to highlight my hair as the grays come in, so it’s not as much of a shock, but I am now committed to just letting it come on. I want to rock a wild silver-white mane and be fierce! LOL

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