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No ma’am!

I try my best to be patient, loving, and kind in parenting LG.


It’s like she googled “what would really annoy my mama” and has been doing her best to make me snap.

What’s she doing you ask? Mumbling. I.Cannot.Stand.It! Open your mouth and say what you have to say little girl! This mumbling stuff in my general direction is not the business!

Is there one thing that your child/SO/whoever does that sets your teeth on edge? Do tell!


7 thoughts on “No ma’am!

  1. I have no children, but as I was growing up I mumbled all the time and Pastor Mama hated it. I knew it annoyed her, so that was probably why I did it so much.

    I also started slamming doors as a teenager, which was probably even more annoying and started many arguments.

    • Ha! She probably is doing it to get on my nerves. Smoochy said something about it to her this weekend – I think she was shocked to be reprimanded by him – he is usually the unflappable one.

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