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I Have Questions, You Have Answers – the Holiday Edition

My answers in purple…

1.  What’s your favorite thing to cook for Thanksgiving? Yeast rolls. I.Can’t.Wait.

2.  Where do you spend Thanksgiving?  Usually at my SIL’s house. Her MIL and my FIL come over as well, it’s a fun, casual, both sides of the family affair.

3.  Do you dress up for Thanksgiving/Christmas dinner?  Not really. I try to move beyond my jeans/t shirt uniform, but not too far beyond 🙂

3.  Do you shop on Black Friday? No way.

4.  What do you want for Christmas this year?  Bookshelves, earrings (something like these, these, or these), or cash for my travel account.

5.  If you buy for kids (your own or someone else’s) how do you choose their gift? A list? Ask them? Gift cards for everybody? For LG and my nieces here, I buy off their Christmas lists. For my niece/nephew in Houston I usually get them a gift card so they can buy something off their list. If they both want something I can get shipped for a relatively nominal fee, I’ll do that.

6.  When do you usually finish up your Christmas shopping? I try to be finished by the second week of December so I can chill.

7.  Do you decorate for the holidays? If so, how?  Yep. For Thanksgiving – I have a table runner and some fall-themed decorations I throw on the dining table, that’s it. For Christmas, I string light on our entry way table and decorate it with little trees, colored ornaments, etc. Of course we have a tree (live). And then I decorate the mantel, and a sofa table we have in the living room. I keep saying I’m going to decorate outside, but other than my wreath (which doesn’t really count) I’ve yet to do so.

8. I’ve used Thanksgiving and Christmas here, but am well aware there are other holidays celebrated (or not) this time of the year. What holidays – if any – do you celebrate?  Thanksgiving, Christmas, a nod to Kwanzaa

9.  Charitable giving yay/nay?  This year I’m donating gifts to our Children’s Hospital. They get a lot of gifts for younger children, but the older children they serve (up to 18) often go without. One of the requested items? Nail polish. I am all over that! So I’m going to make gift bags with polish, remover, a couple of cotton balls, and a small emery board. I can’t wait!!!


2 thoughts on “I Have Questions, You Have Answers – the Holiday Edition

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  2. 1. Hmmmmm, I’ve never thought about the question this way. I really don’t have a favorite thing to cook. By the time I’ve prepared everything, I don’t really have an appetite for much of anything. I do enjoy the fried turkey, which ironically, Mistah prepares. Ha!

    2. The past few years we’ve stayed here. Sometimes the peeps come down. Honestly, I rather enjoy being at home during the holidays. We usually do our visiting during Christmas.

    3. When I was a kid. Now? Girl, please.

    3. Hey there are two #3’s! I’m following suit though. We have in the past. I don’t know if we’ll venture out this year. One thing’s for sure, it makes for interesting people watching.

    4. To win the lottery. LOL!!

    5. I send money/gift cards. For the younger ones, I tell their mom to use and get them what they what. The older two, of course, pick out their own stuff. I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve chosen gifts for people since I’ve become an adult.

    6. Since I really don’t have to shop for anything, I try and have everyone’s funds to them in time for them to pick out stuff before Christmas.

    7. I thought about buying a wreath for fall decor this year but it didn’t happen. I’m not big on it. Now Christmas, I do alright. Tree, mantle, column (in the house). Mistah takes care of stringing the lights around the house. He says every year is his last but I know he’ll end up putting them up again this year. LOL!

    8. Thanksgiving and Christmas.

    9. Yes and you just reminded me about it. We have a tree at work with requests from children in need to buy for. I need to go pull a name…hope there are some left!!

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