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Like Mother, Like Daughter

LG: Mama? There’s something I think you need to know.

Me: Mmmhmm. What’s going on?

LG:  Well, I like J and J likes me. I know you think I’m too young, but that’s just the way we feel.

Me:  Oh really?

LG:  Yes ma’am. Do you want to know why J likes me?

Me:  Sure do.

LG:  He likes me because I’m not ladylike, I’m smart, and well…*giggle, giggle, giggle*

Me:  LG? What’s the other reason?

LG:  He thinks I’m beautiful Mama! Are you mad?

Me:  Naw sweetpea, I’m not mad. J sounds like a smart boy!

I didn’t tell her this, but how could I be mad – I’m pretty sure my posessing those same three characteristics  are what swung Smoochy my way :)

Happy Weekend Y’all!


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