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This morning on the twitter I innocently stated that I do not eat gravy. I believe what happened next could only be described as cyber bullying!

Do you eat gravy?


16 thoughts on “Gravy

  1. My boyfriend abhors gravy. He says it’s “silly” and doesn’t make any sense. To that I say, “What the heck do you put on your dressing/stuffing?” To each his/her own, I guess.


  2. I do not eat gravy on stuffing/dressing. I do eat gravy on things like rice. Rice n gravy, and smothered pork chops with gravy. Those type things.. I do not like white gravy though.

  3. Oh my Lord, yes. But not that white gravy, it is not for me. But that brown gravy made from pan drippings from a roast? The way my grandma made it, I would pour that stuff on EVERYTHING. Even string beans! Yes Lawd!

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