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Burn Baby Burn!

I did not grow up cooking well.
My Mom is not a beast in the kitchen just like her mother before her was not. And we grew up vegetarian so while I could prepare a meal, I was far away from being a throw down in the kitchen kind of girl. The only one on my Mom’s side of the family that could cook was my aunt. And that is because her husband taught her to after they married.

I had to teach myself how to cook things that appealed to Smoochy. You know…meat. The first few years of our marriage I’m pretty sure I went through hundreds of cans of cream of something soup! Glad to say I’ve progressed beyond those casseroles that got us through the early years 🙂

One day – about 6 years ago – I was telling a coworker I wanted to learn how to make dressing. So, she invited me over to her house and taught me how. I was so excited! And it’s so easy! Mine is not as good as my grandma’s (dad’s side) or my aunt’s but I’m pleased as punch to be able to make it.

Even now I’m not an outstanding cook, but I do okay and every once in a whole I’ll get a bee in my bonnet and work on adding new dishes to my repertoire. Though to be quite honest, baked chicken and meatloaf are in heavy rotation around these parts.

So today, I prepped or cooked my contributions to the Thanksgiving meal we’ll have over at my SIL’s. Baked mashed potatoes, dressing, pasta salad, a pound cake, and yellow cake with strawberry cream cheese frosting. So glad to be able to make a contribution beyond sodas and plasticware 😉

And now? I’ve got LG in the kitchen so she won’t be as clueless as I was. Whether she stays single or chooses to marry and have a family she will be far far ahead of where I was.

One thing I still can’t cook? Rice. Grew up cooking brown rice which Smoochy abhors. Tried to learn to cook white rice and just can’t do it. Even with a rice cooker. And now? I can’t cook brown rice anymore. Whomp, whomp. Maybe I’ll conquer it in 2014 🙂

Do you cook? Who taught you? If you have kids did/do you teach them?

Did you do any Thanksgiving related cooking today?


5 thoughts on “Burn Baby Burn!

  1. Yes I cook. I basically learned from watching my Aunt cook. I never sat in there with her but it was kind of like osmosis. I can remember coming home from school in 5th grade cooking dinner for the family if the mood striked. Once I graduated college I started cooking and inviting people over for dinner do I branched out and tried new recipes. Tyler can cook some things now.

  2. I cook, but only to feed my family. I’m not great at it. I’d like to expand beyond tuna casserole, parmesan tilapia, and curry chicken. Most of what I know is from my mother and the internet. I want to be able to teach my boys how to cook so that they don’t struggle during/after college like I did.

  3. I think I learned through osmosis as well. My Mom didn’t really teach me, but I observed. Once I moved out on my own it was either sink or swim, so I swam and it turned out I was pretty good in the kitchen.

    I will say as much as I eat rice, it took me a while to learn to cook it. I used to use a rice cooker, but I’ve finally learned to cook it on the stove.

  4. I cook but I wouldn’t call it greatness. I am a pesca-tarian except on Thanksgiving ( I LOVE fried turkey). I make good spaghetti, fish, mac and cheese. However I want to become better at cooking and making different new stuff. I let the kids come in the kitchen every now and then but I need to get them in there more so they can learn early.

    On Thanksgiving I did make my mac and cheese and salted carmel candy. And I requested that everyone bring a dish. 🙂

  5. I cook pretty good. I am self taught since no one in my family really cooked except my grandmother and she passed back in 1993. Being a single man I had to learn to cook because I don’t do fast food. I do have a daughter and she is 7. She helps me cook from time to time and loves it.

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