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Five on Friday

  • I cancelled my debit card yesterday. Y’all already know I have been all up and in Tarjhay so I figure the thieves have my info. All the news reports say monitor your account, notify your bank, etc., etc., Uh. How about I just cancel my card so whatever info they stole is now null and void. I need to protect my twenty-fives and twenty-fives of dollars!
  • What’re y’all having for Christmas dinner? I don’t want Thanksgiving part 2, but can’t think of anything else to prepare. I thought about doing Mexican food, but would like to make it to 15 years of marriage, so that’s out!
  • I don’t think we had named subdivisions growing up. As a matter of fact, I’m sure we didn’t. Everything here is a subdivision. People tell me they live in such and such – I have no idea where they’re talking about. I called my own subdivision by the wrong name for almost a year.
  • LG has a sleepover tonight. I have wasted plenty of opportunities to throw away more of her stuff. But tonight? It’s on. I really need to get my house together and I feel like the shortest person in the house has accumulated more stuff than is necessary. Adios clutter!
  • Speaking of LG, she found the skateboard I bought her for Christmas. She was in the trunk of my car looking for a Sharpie she thought she’d seen back there. She was terrified I’d be mad. I wasn’t. The child acts like she’s being raised by Mommy Dearest. She so is not!

Anyhoo, that’s all I got. Have yourself a marvelous weekend and if I’m not back in this space before then – Merry Christmas!


4 thoughts on “Five on Friday

  1. Very smart in being proactive in cancelling your card. Don’t give them the chance to get in your account.

    I have no clue what we’re having for dinner. We haven’t discussed it yet. Last year we had fried fish, fries, and salad. I could go for that again this year.

    I don’t think we had subdivisions, per se, but one lived in a name area of town. I grew up the Howell Park area, named for the park that was in the midst of that area. Some of the others areas were South Baton Rouge, Glen Oaks, Sherwood, Broadmoor, etc. There were subdivisions, likely with names, in those areas, but we didn’t really use those.

  2. We’re having lasagna for Christmas dinner. I sure as heck don’t want turkey and my oldest sister who is the master chief of the family said she’s making her famous ( to my family) lasagna so I’m eating!

  3. I handled the card situation Friday after out Twittersation. Does that made up word even make sense? LOL!

    Subdivisions really didn’t start to develop where I grew up until the early 90’s. I mean there were some but not a lot. Most everyone just said they live on such and such street and which side of town it was on (East, West or out in the country). A landmark was also provided if you were still unsure. It’s a little different for me in present day. I’m most familiar with main roads so someone trying to give me a street name other than those doesn’t help. I’m more familiar with subdivisions (or at least what area it’s in) so that helps as a point of reference.

    There will be no type of Thanksgiving fare at our house. I’d rather eat a PB&J. My mama says we are going out to eat. Now where that will be on Christmas Day, I haven’t a clue but she said it so I’m going with it. LOL!!

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