As you may remember, I went home in mid-December to check on and visit with my Grandma. She’d had a heart attack and while I had plans to go home this summer for a week or two, I thought that I’d better go on home and see about her – and I’m so glad I did! We had a great time visiting, she was doing well – for a 92 year old who’d just had a heart attack or two – and in good spirits.

Well, about a week after I came home, she was rushed back to the hospital as she’d had another heart attack. They’d treated her, released her and she was home. I told both of my parents that I wasn’t too pleased with the care she was receiving in the hospital – they released her even though she was having horrible chest pains.  On Friday my mother called me and told me my Grandma was unresponsive, the paramedics were at the house working on her, and they (my parents) were getting ready to head into L.A. to check on her. When my phone rang about 15 minutes later, I knew. It was my mom letting me know that my Grandma didn’t make it. Even though I’d been expecting the news, it took the wind out of me and I sat at my kitchen table and cried into the mug of tea I’d just brewed to calm my nerves.

So now LG and I are getting ready to fly home to celebrate my Grandma’s life. And celebrate we will! Though it hurts to no longer have her here with us, I can’t be too sad for too long. My Grandma lived a long, happy, blessed life and blessed so many people during her 92 years on earth. My mom remarked the other day that she just realized she had her “mother-in-love” longer that she had her own mother (46 years vs. 40).

My Grandma lived in South Central L.A. She lived there before it was “the hood,” during the gang wars of the 80s and 90s and while my parents begged and pleaded with her many many times – particularly after my Grandpa died – to move out to suburbia with them, she always refused and said “when God gets ready to call me home, he’ll find me at 53rd and Broadway.” And that, is exactly where she was when she was called home.  She died like she lived – on her own terms and that makes my heart happy.

RIL Grandma!




19 thoughts on “92

  1. Nerd Girl, I’m so sorry for your loss. Your grandma sounds like a great lady, and that picture shows that she was pretty jazzy, too!

  2. I’m sorry for you and your family’s loss. That picture is giving me everything about your grandma that I need to know. I am sure she will be sorely missed.

  3. Sorry to hear about your Grandmother’s passing. It sounds like she lived a full life and touched everyone’s heart. I hope your best memories with her will bring you some comfort.

    By the way, from what you’ve shared about LG, I definitely see a lot of her in this picture.

  4. My condolences to your family, Nerd Girl. But I must say, looking at that pic of your grandma put a huge smile on my face. She was sylin’! You are blessed to have had her in your life for so long.

  5. Sorry for your loss. It looks like she had a great spirit about her. Celebrate her life for sure because she lived a long beautiful one I’m sure.
    I know exactly where 53rd and Broadway is! lol

  6. I’m sorry to hear about your grandma. Grandma’s really are the best. But you know what, I’ve seen that exact same pose on photos that you’ve shared of LG!

  7. I’m so sorry to hear this. I love that picture of your Grandmom rocking that coordinated outfit! God bless 92 years of life and her great family. Travel safe. I’ll keep you in my prayers.

  8. I’m sorry to read about your grandmother’s passing. She was indeed blessed with a long life. I’m sure it’s very reassuring that you were able to visit her before she passed. In the picture, she seems so sassy and full of life.

  9. Praying for you and your family during this very difficult time. I loved the tribute and the picture. She was too fabulous!

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