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Stay Ready

As I’m sure you know by now, we here in the south were hit with a storm Tuesday that left us covered with snow, and more germane to this post, ice.

Thankfully LG’s school closed and I didn’t “have” to report to work since I had to be home with her. Hospitals? They don’t close. Ever.

The roads were a mess, people were stranded on the freeways and bridges for hours and over 200 accidents were reported. And we got off easy. Folks in Atlanta and Birmingham were stuck in stores, schools, their cars and jobs overnight. Overnight y’all! I have heard many reports about the kindness of strangers – opening up their homes, feeding stranded folks, etc. God bless them.

I got to thinking about my preparedness – or lack thereof – should I ever get stuck in my car for hours on end. I have a blanket, some water, a few granols bars and a pair of tennis shoes in my trunk. I’m adding more – a change of clothes for me and LG, another flashlight, a little cash, a book for me, and some paper and crayons for LG.

What’s in your trunk? If you were stranded for hours – or days – would you be okay? If not, get to getting. Hopefully you’ll never need to use your car “jump bag” but if you ever need it, you’ll be glad its there.

(There are websites dedicated to what you should have in your car, please give Mr. Google a whirl for a more thorough list of things you should keep. I have other stuff in my car- toiletries, etc. and am working on getting my jump bag more complete.)


6 thoughts on “Stay Ready

  1. Right now I have a blanket, flashlight, flares, one of those flexible coolers. I also have a bag with trash bags, toilet paper, eating utensils, cups, and paper plates. I need to up my game and add some granola bars, tennis shoes, and another blanket.

  2. SInce i live and work in the DMV I have a preparedness bag in my desk at work and in the basement of the house. I was so worried about my Southern friends as I watched that calamity on TV. We get so used to crazy Winter weather up North that we forget that the Southern states don’t have a fleet of snow vehicles, 20000 tons of salt, and a populations prepared for that.

    I’ve since gone through my trunk and upgraded my emergency kit to include an old pair of sneakers, some socks, and extra gloves.

  3. I don’t have anything in the trunk or car that is useful in this type situation. Well I have pampers and wipes but nothing for me and Tyler lol. I think I will work on this this weekend.

  4. I definitely learned from my snowJam experience that I am underprepared. I need to add a few more items to my trunk and be sure to dress for the weather even if I dont plan to be out in it.

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