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Date Night!

Smoochy and I finally got to go out this past Saturday night!  We’d tried the week before when LG spent the night at a friend’s house, but she called crying right before we left the house – her stomach hurt, etc., etc. so I had to go pick her up. Smoochy was like “this is just a setback – we are going out next week – call the sitter and set it up.” Yay!

Y’all just don’t know. Or maybe you do. But when you have a child, a husband that drives trucks and likes to be at home, no nearby relatives, and a budget, it’s not always easy to figure out when/how to go out for couple time. Smoochy and I have talked about it and we both agreed to make more time in our schedules – and budget – for a night out together on a more regular basis.

We ended up going to a spot (lounge? bar? club?) that had a live band and we had a ball. The band was really good – billed as a blues artist, Dexter Allen played a little of everything – the blues, R&B, and of course, the ever present Electric Slide. We danced, we talked, we hung out. It was a good time and I can’t wait to do it again.

Now, I’ve got a question – what do you usually wear on your nights out? Saturday I wore a silky green dress and brown boots. And that’s the extent of my date night clothing. Seriously. Everything I wear is either very casual or for work (which is admittedly pretty casual as well). I need a few new pieces in my wardrobe so that the next time we step out I’ll be ready. I saw a lot of women in red lace dresses, pleather (or maybe leather) dresses with low fronts and backs, etc., etc. That’s just not me. So, where should I start with this mini-wardrobe I’m looking to build? Head on over to the comments and help your girl out. Thanks! And happy Monday.


8 thoughts on “Date Night!

  1. man I need a date night bad!

    I say a simple black dress. Something cute and comfortable. and if you’re comfortable in colors and it seems like you are, toss some multi- color things in there too. Maybe a maxi dress and some cute shoes.

  2. Party clothes? Chile, please. LBD is always safe. And as I type this, I realize my LBD is more work appropriate than after-five appropriate. I’ve got a couple of dresses that I can pull out, but mostly, when Mister and I go out, I’m in jeans and boots. Post pics of potential items so I can steal some ideas!

  3. Here, a spot like that would call for a cute shirt and shoes with jeans. That’s the extent of my going out clothes. Like disco diva said, in summer it’s sundresses and and skirts. The LBD is reserved for more formal events.

  4. Where we are, there’s a mix of what ladies wear out on the town. It depends on where we’re going, but I usually wear jeans, heels, and a cute top. Makeup can take the look from day to night,but accessories also help.

  5. As with most things, it depends on my mood and how my body feels. If I’m bloated? Forget about it. It’s comfort over cute. When I’m feeling extremely sassy, I pump up the girls and put them on full display.

  6. i love dresses.. one piece easy numbers. solid colors or patterns are my choice. faux wrap, belted shift.. ahhh long boots or booties. with a solid color or a patterned dress you can renew choices with accessories and makeup (a bold lip color)! have fun.. i have to live vicariously thru you. it’s hard to date when single too

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