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Here’s the situation:

LG attends after school care. It’s held in her school cafeteria – students are divided up into “classes” and each class has a teacher who is responsible for them until they are picked up. Pretty standard operating procedures.

So, yesterday I go to pick LG up and she says “my teacher is always calling you Jamaican.” Sigh. I ask why. “Because of your hair.” Of course.

I really, really – really – want to tell the little teacher dude that I’m not Jamaican, stop telling my child that I am, and stop with the foolish categorizing of people because they look a certain way.

Should I? Or should I not worry about this dude being PC and keep it moving?

What would you do?



13 thoughts on “WWYD

  1. I’m foolish, so I’m sure I’d say something like, “Just so you know, I’m not Jamaican…so stop telling the pickney dem that I am…bumbarass.”But that’s just me, lol.

    If it truly bothers you, say something. If not, hum Bob Marley songs every time you pick her up.

  2. I’d tell him – you would be doing him a huge favor. But I would do it in a light hearted way so that he gets the point. Life’s too short but this is important to you, so tell him.

  3. Come in that joker dressed like Marie Leveau! Voodoo dolls and everything! Tell him if he says one more negative word to my child about me his tongue will fall out!

    On second thought…that may work a little too well. Ignore my advice and do something more rational.

  4. when people call me by the wrong name, I say, oh it is Nerd Girl, not Nerd Grills. To me, this is not different … does it bother LG? If she is bothered by it, thats enough to bother me…say something.

  5. He probably isnt being mean spirited although he is making an uneducated generalization. I would address it but only if I had a convenient opportunity to. I wouldnt go out of my way.

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