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I try to be positive and upbeat. I try to focus on those things which bring me joy as opposed to those that don’t. But today? I just want to complain. So I’m gonna.

  • Sick of people telling me I don’t look nice/happy/joyous. And yes, I mostly mean white people. I don’t walk around smiling. But that doesn’t make me mean/sad/angry. Unless of course you keep telling me that I am. I’m over it. Shut it. This is the face God gave me. Deal with it. If you don’t like it, get out of it.
  • I am overwhelmed. I’m behind at work. I’m behind at home. I’m not sleeping well. I don’t know what’s going on.
  • I feel like I’m not doing right by LG. Like I don’t make her do enough, that she’s not as responsible as she should be. I told her she was to sweep the floor every night after dinner. Then I promptly forgot. But when I went in the kitchen this morning, the floor was a mess. So I was peeved. But I’ve not enforced my rule so…
  • I’m almost done applying for grad school. I must be crazy. I feel like I’m treading water with work and home. Going back to school? Ugh.
  • I’m tired of children being killed for no good reason. Is there ever a good reason? And while yes, I’ve got Trayvon Martin, Jordan Davis, and Adrian Davis at the forefront of my mind, really it’s all madness. I don’t care who is pulling the trigger, for the love of God – stop it. If you’re so crazy/scared/down with guns that you feel the need to pull out a gun because you are forever feeling threatened/disrespected/trigger happy keep your crazy self at home. Or voluntarily commit yourself to a psychiatric facility.

Okay. I’m done.

  • I lied. I am also tired of my oh so sensitive, break out for any reason whatsoever skin. It’s almost time for hot flashes and I’m still dealing with zits. For real? For real?

Okay. Now I’m done.

I’m about to turn on some gospel music, say a prayer of thanks for all that is right and good in my world – and there’s a lot of it, and try to shake these blahs.

Have a good day. Really.


5 thoughts on “Grrrrrr!

  1. I can relate to every. Single. Thing. I’m convinced that the whole work/life balance thing is a myth! Sending hugs, good energy, and a nice cup of chai tea your way.

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