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It’s Monday. I’m Random. And I Have Questions

  • Thanks for the feedback on LG, her money and the video game. She will be allowed to buy it. We’re going to move toward the envelope system for her. As soon as we go cash all her change in…
  • Started bootcamp on Saturday. Everything hurts.
  • The three of us went bowling with two other families Saturday night – much fun was had by all. And we have got to collectively be the world’s worst bowlers. Should I mention that we used the bumpers? No, no I should not.
  • Some dude at the bowling alley told us we were sitting at their table. Smoochy was glad nothing jumped off because – and I quote – “I don’t have on the right shoes to get down. Bowling shoes have no grip.” Sir. I’mma need me and LG’s honor not to be dependent on your footwear!
  • What kind of bras do you wear? Specifically under your tshirts? I wear tshirt bras, but the outline of my bra (under clingy tops) is still way more visible than I’d like. Any suggestions?
  • This pissed me off. A lot. Too rich for prison? Oh, okay. I swear color and money make all the difference in this world of ours. I see why folks lose their minds and just start shooting ish up. (Not that I’m going to – this is not a cry for help. Really.)
  • I still haven’t heard from JSU regarding my grad school application. I’m ready to hear a word – one way or the other – from them.
  • Lady at work was complaining to me about the fact that she’s topped out for her job title and can’t make any more money. Lady, I’m mad that you make more than me and you only have a high school diploma while I’m carrying around initials from two graduate degrees. I’m not the comfort you’re gonna need this go round – sorry. Not sorry.
  • So glad for this nice weather we’re having. The sun is shining, the temps are warm. Ahhh, bliss! Well, except for the swarm of bees that returns to our house every spring/summer and chills like they’ve got an all season pass. We thought we got rid of them last year. Drove up to the house from church yesterday and those jokers are back. I’m thinking we may need to remove a wall in the house to get rid of them -_-
  • Friday I thought, no joke, that I might be having a heart attack. I had this radiant pain all up and through my neck, shoulder and arm. So I did what anyone with good sense would do – called my mama on the way to the emergency room with my kid in tow. My mama promptly diagnosed gas. I got a Sprite. Turns out she was right. Thank God. But I’m pretty sure I shouldn’t be using my mom as a diagnostic tool.

Anyhoo, I guess that’s it. I thought I had more questions. I probably do. But I’ve forgotten them. So, what’s up in your neck of the woods? All is well?


4 thoughts on “It’s Monday. I’m Random. And I Have Questions

  1. Bowling is just plain fun!

    I’m not a fan of t-shirt bras. Clothing clings to them, to me. I’m not really sure of the fabric of the bras I purchase, I just know they aren’t t-shirt nor lace.

    I hope you hear from JSU soon.

    Some folks just can’t accept what they have while others are struggling mightily. That lady needs to have a seat.

    I’m loving the warm temps, but I need them to stay! One day it’s sunny, bright, and clear then it’s cold and gray the next. Get it together Mother nature. We had bees when I lived in an apartment. I kept seeing dead bees on my windowsill. It turns out a hive was in the wall. A beekeeper ended up coming out, knocking a hole in the wall (from the outside), and removing a humongous hive.

  2. I’ma need you to recognize my medical skills with more respect. Glad you were able to pass . . . your heart attack. Drive safely 😉

    Looks like you have e’erything else in order.

  3. I’m kinda wishing something would have jumped off at the bowling alley. I would’ve liked to hear how your husband handled it with those bowling shoes on! And I’m so glad you called your mother…they come in handy when we lose our way 😉

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