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I Aint Gon’ Do It!

Some time in mid-February I found myself, along with a couple of tweeters (and bloggers, now that I think about it), agreeing to a “no spend March.” That’s right. Outside of necessities, I wasn’t going to buy anything for the entire month of March. No random trips to Target to peruse the aisles, picking up a maxi skirt as long as I was there. No running into HomeGoods to buy another pack of velvet hangers. No “oh yeah, baby, these come in my size” shoe purchases on 6pm. Nothing. Except for a predetermined “cheat” of my choosing. I chose the two days I took off for LG’s Spring Break to be my cheat days. My cheat day purchases were movie tickets, museum admission and lunches.

Well, it’s April 2 and I’m here to report that I did it. Kinda.

A few days in, my phone charger died. And I wasn’t even about to pretend I was going a month without my cell phone. So I promptly ran out and bought a charger. But that’s all I bought. Did not look at clothes, did not feel up the purses, did not collect $200 or go to jail. Walked into TJMaxx, picked a charger, paid my $8 and vacated the premises.

Then, of course, a few days after that my phone started giving me “hey, how bout you erase some of this stuff or buy more storage” messages. So I went through the couple hundred (!!!) pictures that were just hanging around in my phone, picked the ones I wanted, had them developed, and deleted the rest.

To summarize, all I’ve purchased that wasn’t food/household items in the last 30+ days is a phone cord and pictures. Woot!

Before I took this challenge I’d swear up and down that I don’t shop a lot. And I don’t. Not really. But I am bad about window shopping when I have time to kill and often that would lead to me buying something. Nothing expensive or outrageous, but a $20 skirt here, a purse there, yet another bottle of nail polish…you get my drift.

So initially I didn’t think I got anything out of the challenge, but I have. (And our checking account balance is a little stronger for it.) I am going to be more even more deliberate in my purchases, I’m going to make lists of what I want/need and consider them for a few days before pulling the trigger on any purchases, no more wandering around stores to kill time before picking LG up, before Bible study, etc., and most importantly…I’m going to do laundry first. The other day I swore up and down I needed new blouses. Well, if I’d actually hung up some of the *insert ridiculous number here* baskets of clothes I’d washed, I’d have known that housework, not a new purchase, was in order.

I did make a list of some things I wanted while on the buy ban. On it? A new pair of ear buds (my good ones died, and for the last month I’ve been using a random pair from an airline – only the left ear works), 3 new, fresh white tanks for the summer, 1 maxi skirt, and two more packs of slim hangers to finish up my closet. That’s it. For now.

I’m going to buy the ear buds and hangers today. The rest I’ll get to. Eventually.



3 thoughts on “I Aint Gon’ Do It!

  1. I didn’t officially play along…but I don’t think I bought anything….until Sat 3/29! I was frustrated with everything and bought $90 worth of “stuff” at Burlington. Earlier in the month, I restocked my plugins from Bath and Body works to the tune of $40! I walked out of that store feeling some kind of way. But I love my new wallflowers and scents!

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